So Apparently I’m Fat.

With a week left in China, there’s so many loose ends I have to catch up on! -Not including two finals and a giant paper. I decided I’ll publish all of my Xinjiang posts when I actually have time to truly edit my hasty diary-writing from the trip- aka when I go home in FOUR DAYS. […]

Internships and Long-Lost Photos

Sorry for the lack of posts these past few days. I’ve actually been pretty sick (fever-ish), maybe from extreme exhaustion? Whoops. Well, Shanghai was worth it. I’ll be trying to crank out these posts during my last week and a half of finals, papers and projects (ahhhh!). But while I finish putting together my Xinjiang […]

So Apparently I’m Crazy

I just spent the last 10 days in Xinjiang (don’t worry, I took good notes for future posts), and I got home really late last night. After spending a little over 24 hours in Xi’an, I will be leaving tomorrow morning to spend the weekend in Shanghai. Things I’ve lost these past six months in […]

America’s Birthday in China

For the second year in a row I have not been in the country for the Fourth of July (last year I was in Australia), but in order to make China feel more like home, Joe rented out the same Chinese BBQ place he took us and the Chinese roommates. After Chinese class, the fantastic […]

So Our Roommates Are Crazy.

After class on Friday, we all met up with Joe to go on an outing with out Chinese roommates. When I arrived downstairs with Margo, one girl was already in the lobby. Her name was Xing Cheng, or Cheng as we call her, and she was Margo’s roommate. She was just finishing up her freshman […]

Arriving in Xi’an

After exiting the plane, I walked halfway across the airport to meet up with Joe, our program director, and Gabe, one of the other members of the fantastic four. When I finally met up with Joe, he was with another guy… but it wasn’t Gabe, it was Clayton, who had arrived within the time frame […]