Monkey Attacks and the Stairway to Hell

After leaving Leshan we took the 8 kuai bus to Emei, which drops you off in Emei town, you then have to take a cab (or a bus) to Baokuo Villiage, where Emei Shan (or Emei Mountain) is. They’ll try and get you to take a van, which is about 10 kuai more expensive, so just take a cab. We eventually arrived at […]


  The next morning we woke up bright and early for the Panda tour, but there was a big problem: my stomach hurt the second most it has ever hurt in China. (Trust me, you DO NOT want to hear about the first time I got sick). I guess something with the dinner didn’t agree […]

Chillin’ in Chengdu

For the last three days I have been in Chengdu, exploring what this Sichuan center has to offer. Saturday, early afternoon, Nate and I left for the train station to take a bullet train to Chengdu. Our train wasn’t until 2pm but we wanted to make sure we were there at least an hour early. […]

Stranded on Middle Mountain

Yesterday Nate and I decided to trust lonely planet and explore another are of Chongqing very far away: Zhongshan, which means Middle Mountain. The girls at our hostel helped us out the night before, looking up where to catch a bus to Zhongshan. This was after they gushed about how hot Nate was, were shocked […]

My First Few Days in Chongqing

Tina’s Hostel is very hard to find. Actually most hostels are impossible to find, located in random alleys off the main road. After wandering around Zhongqinglu for about 10 minutes, we finally found a sign for the hostel painted on a wall of a crumbling building. I was a little scared, but how bad could […]