My First Few Days in Chongqing

Tina’s Hostel is very hard to find. Actually most hostels are impossible to find, located in random alleys off the main road. After wandering around Zhongqinglu for about 10 minutes, we finally found a sign for the hostel painted on a wall of a crumbling building. I was a little scared, but how bad could […]

Goodbye Beijing, Hello Chongqing

These last couple days have been extremely hectic and stressful. I finally turned in my capstone, thank god. It turned out better than I expected, which is good for all of the computer trouble I’ve had lately. I am currently sitting on a 26 hour train ride to Chongqing with a screaming baby, no voice […]

Train Tickets and Pink Netbooks

So for anyone that doesn’t know my computer is officially in computer heaven. Tally: China has killed 3/15 computers on this program. So yesterday I bought a little samsung netbook online to get me through the next three months- I’m on my roommate’s computer right now. Hopefully it will come today so that I can […]

The end of my Yunnan Adventure

After a culturally enlightening day in Shaxi, we headed on the bus back to Kunming. It was Sam’s birthday, so a few of us stayed up till midnight the night before to sing to her (consequently waking up everyone else in the guesthouse because the walls and floors were like paper except worse because paper […]


….. it was either that or “Livin’ it up in Lijiang”. After our amazing adventure in Tiger Leaping Gorge we headed on the bus to Lijiang! Instead of boring you with bus ride stories here’s some awesome photos from a mountain-side rest stop! There wasn’t actually a toilet so I had to pee in the […]


I have to start out by saying Tiger Leaping Gorge is one of the coolest places I have ever been in my entire life. I am so thankful that Alliance chose to bring us there during our weeklong travel, and that my classmates were adventurous enough to enjoy it as much as I did. Marketus […]

Arriving in Dali

After spending the day in Kunming, the fifteen of us, Marketus and Lao Yang boarded the grandma bus for a six hour (I think?) ride to Dali. On the way to Dali we passed by some of the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen in my entire life: mountains, villages and terraced farms. I […]