5 Places in Asia I Need to Revisit

5 Places in Asia I Need to Revisit

Over the years I’ve realized that I like to spend a lot of time exploring each country. I’ve been living in China for almost two years and I just feel like I’ve finally seen everything I want to see. That said, there’s so many countries I feel like I didn’t spend enough time in. It’s […]

Monkey Attacks and the Stairway to Hell

After leaving Leshan we took the 8 kuai bus to Emei, which drops you off in Emei town, you then have to take a cab (or a bus) to Baokuo Villiage, where Emei Shan (or Emei Mountain) is. They’ll try and get you to take a van, which is about 10 kuai more expensive, so just take a cab. We eventually arrived at […]


  The next morning we woke up bright and early for the Panda tour, but there was a big problem: my stomach hurt the second most it has ever hurt in China. (Trust me, you DO NOT want to hear about the first time I got sick). I guess something with the dinner didn’t agree […]

Chillin’ in Chengdu

For the last three days I have been in Chengdu, exploring what this Sichuan center has to offer. Saturday, early afternoon, Nate and I left for the train station to take a bullet train to Chengdu. Our train wasn’t until 2pm but we wanted to make sure we were there at least an hour early. […]