5 Places in Asia I Need to Revisit

5 Places in Asia I Need to Revisit

Over the years I’ve realized that I like to spend a lot of time exploring each country. I’ve been living in China for almost two years and I just feel like I’ve finally seen everything I want to see. That said, there’s so many countries I feel like I didn’t spend enough time in. It’s […]

The Most Beautiful Place in the World

After sleeping in and eating a nice breakfast, Nate and I said goodbye to Emma, and I was forced into an awkward goodbye with the tea-shop man who waved at me from his balcony… and we continuted down the road to the bus station where we boarded the 1:30 bus to Jiuzhaigou. A few hours later […]

Friendly Yaks and Heart Attacks

The next day I woke up nice and early to eat breakfast before horse trek attempt #2. I hiked up the hill to Emma’s and ran into my friendly Australian neighbor. He saw that I was a little pink from the day before (not that it was warm or anything), and asked if I had […]

Riding Horses on the Tibetan Plateau

The next day we woke up bright and early (we were used to it by now), grabbed our luggage, I said goodbye to the kitty and we were off to the bus station. Because we booked the bus tickets through Sims, they thought it was necessary to accompany us to the bus station. I thought […]

Monkey Attacks and the Stairway to Hell

After leaving Leshan we took the 8 kuai bus to Emei, which drops you off in Emei town, you then have to take a cab (or a bus) to Baokuo Villiage, where Emei Shan (or Emei Mountain) is. They’ll try and get you to take a van, which is about 10 kuai more expensive, so just take a cab. We eventually arrived at […]


  The next morning we woke up bright and early for the Panda tour, but there was a big problem: my stomach hurt the second most it has ever hurt in China. (Trust me, you DO NOT want to hear about the first time I got sick). I guess something with the dinner didn’t agree […]

Chillin’ in Chengdu

For the last three days I have been in Chengdu, exploring what this Sichuan center has to offer. Saturday, early afternoon, Nate and I left for the train station to take a bullet train to Chengdu. Our train wasn’t until 2pm but we wanted to make sure we were there at least an hour early. […]