10 Best “Off the Beaten Path” Places to Visit in China

10 Best “Off the Beaten Path” Places to Visit in China

So you’re planning a trip to China, or you may already live here. We’ve all heard of Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong, but where else is there to go in China? China is much more than its biggest cities. China is s a huge country with different cultures, languages, foods and customs. From bustling cities to lush countrysides, I’ve […]

Uighur Knives and Ramadan

The next morning we woke up, boarded the van, and made the drive to the museum… oh wait no, the airport. We had been planning on visiting the museum in the morning to see the famous Caucasian mummies found in the Gobi desert, but our guide told us that we (randomly) would not have enough […]

Exploring the Heavenly Mountains

That next morning we arrived in Xinjiang and walked into the bright sun. There were people everywhere, and I kept a tight hand on my backpack as we squeezed through the crowd. We eventually met our tour guide, who was probably about my age. She was young and pretty, but spoke very poor English. Apparently […]