5 Places in Asia I Need to Revisit

5 Places in Asia I Need to Revisit

Over the years I’ve realized that I like to spend a lot of time exploring each country. I’ve been living in China for almost two years and I just feel like I’ve finally seen everything I want to see. That said, there’s so many countries I feel like I didn’t spend enough time in. It’s […]

The Weirdest Things I Have Ever Eaten

The Weirdest Things I Have Ever Eaten

I’ve eaten a lot of weird things on my travels. When I moved to China, I decided that I’d force myself to try anything once. Because of this, I’ve tried some really weird things. Here’s a list of all the weirdest things I have ever eaten (with photos of course). Seoul, Korea: pink pickled soup […]

Richelle visits North Korea

… well, close enough to take a picture. My last full day in Korea I woke up super early (6:45) to take a tour of the DMZ (de-militarized zone). I was picked up in a van at my hostel and driven to a bus containing tourists to see the DMZ. There were 4 English speaking […]

Plumpricots and Hannah Montana

Day 3 in Seoul: The next morning I decided to explore Myeongdong. I made my way down the hill of death to the main Myeongdong street. On the other side of that street was the Korean version of an outdoor mall with street vendors, shops, cafes, and tons of people. Now I was dumb and […]

Exploring Downtown Seoul

My second full day in Seoul, I packed up my things and, with the help of Monica, moved into my hostel in Myeongdong. We were smart and made two trips with the luggage this time. The goal was to spend the day wandering downtown Seoul, exploring what the city has to offer. My First Time […]

Cat Cafe and Grapefruit Tea

Wow I’ve been so busy and tired I haven’t been able to post anything! I’m in China now, but so many things happened in Korea I think it’s really important to write some posts about Seoul. My week in Seoul was JAM PACKED so I have to split what happened into different posts. Day 1: […]

Stepping into Seoul

The following is the story of my first time embarking on solo travel away from home. I was about to study abroad in China, but first I was traveling in Seoul for 5 days to meet up with my Korean friend Monica.  The Plane to Seoul The plane ride on Korean Air was my first […]