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Due to the crazy amounts of emails, I receive on a daily basis, I’m no longer accepting email questions relating to travel or teaching abroad.

However, if you do have a question or need more information, I have some great resources for you below!

If you want to work with me through writing, advertising, sponsorships, etc. please feel free to have a look at my Work With Me page and get in touch there!

Check below to see how you can get in touch with me!

If You Want to Teach Abroad in China…

Firstly, if you’re at all interested in teaching abroad in China, I highly suggest signing up for my FREE Teach Abroad Mini-Course, which is a 5-lesson course that will be sent to your email over the course of two weeks! This Mini-Course should answer most of your major questions about teaching in China.

Get Your Free Teach Abroad Mini Course!

Next, you’ll definitely want to join my free Facebook group: China Teach Abroad Community. Many experienced teachers, including me, are always on there answering questions. Plus, it’s a really awesome community of past, present, and future teachers!

If you need a scam-free job in China, I’m now offering job placement through my premium course and community the Teach Abroad Squad which is now closed for enrollment but will open back up again in 2019. If you want to be the first to hear about when it opens, you can sign up for my Free Teach Abroad Mini-Course to tide yourself over.

If You Want to Travel to China…

You’ll definitely want to download my FREE Ultimate China Survival Guide! This 5,000+ word intensive e-book guide should answer almost every question you could ever have about traveling in China. From where to eat, what cities to visit, how to survive in China without speaking Chinese and more, this guide has you covered.

Have a Question About Something Else?

No problem! There are a few great ways to get in touch with me.

Firstly, if you have a question or comment about something I’ve written in a blog post, the best way to get in touch is by commenting on the blog post! I always check back for new comments every few days.

Another great way to get in touch is on Facebook. Feel free to leave a comment on my Adventures Around Asia Facebook page!

Thanks so much for reading Adventures Around Asia, and I hope to hear from you soon! 

21 comments on “Contact Me

  1. Hello we plan to visit Zhangjiajie national forest park and Jiuhaigou in October, but wondering how we can get an English Translator without a tour guide?

    Your help is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for your time.

    Hope to hear soon.

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  8. Hey Richelle,

    My name is Tim Horton and I’m the advertising partnerships manager at JvPartnersNow.

    We would like to advertise some of our Family & Lifestyle related clients on your blog.

    Can you please let me know which Advertising options you offer ?

    Thanks in advance for the Details !

    Take care,

    Tim Horton

  9. Hello Richelle,

    I am a soon to be expat working in China and though I won’t be working in China as a teacher, I have found your articles and blog to be an invaluable source of great information. One question I have as I prepare to move to China is; I’m bringing several external hard drives with movies, music and personal files with me; do Chinese customs check things like laptops, hard drives and cell phones before you’re allowed to enter the country? As I said, I’m not going to China to teach, but I will definitely be following your blog site. I really appreciate all the awesome information you’re providing.

    • Great question! I’ve never heard of them every checking hard drives and laptops. I travel in and out of China with tech all the time (including 2 hard drives) and they’ve never given me any problems.

  10. Hi Richelle,

    Being a college counselor sounds like it’s right up my alley! I’m interested in learning more and have sent you an email. Looking forward to hearing back from you.


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