Come Join Me for a Food Culture Twitter Chat!

I think we all know I’m obsessed with trying new, incredible foods when I travel.

Whether it’s mapping out my meals in Tainan, participating in multiple Beijing food tours, or tasting crazy delicacies like stinky tofu and balut, I’ll try anything!

Well, this Wednesday at 10:30 pm EST, I want to hear about your food adventures.

Lost Plate Food Tour

Chinese food is better than you can imagine!

Join Me For the #PreferredChat!

This Wednesday (Thursday morning for me), I’ll be working with Preferred Hotels to co-host an awesome Asian food culture discussion on Twitter. Just follow the hashtag #PreferredChat to join in on the discussion, and bond with other Asia food lovers.

I’ll be asking questions about your favorite Asian cuisines, street food, etiquette tips, and more. I honestly can’t wait to hear about your foodie experiences, and add a whole new list of foods to my Asia bucket list!

I'll be at the #PreferredChat this Wednesday. Come join me to talk about Asian food culture! Click To Tweet

sea urchin dish

Eating a sea urchin in Hainan, China

Dare Me to Eat Something Weird


I’m a huge fan of trying weird and “crazy” delicacies across the globe, and I don’t back down from a challenge. Aside from stinky tofu and balut, I’ve had stomach, intestines, blood tofu, sea cucumber, donkey burgers, fried worms and scorpions, sea urchin, bull penis, and more!

If there’s a “weird” Asian food you’ve tried, send me a picture and tag me at @Adventures_Asia. If I haven’t eaten your crazy delicacy, I promise to give it a go the first chance I get. Just tell me the name of the food, where I can find it, and attach a personal photo.

I’ll be keeping track of my food dares in a later blog post along with the username of the person who dared me. Over time I hope to complete all the dares with photos of myself eating everything!

Sheraton Grand Beijing

Who doesn’t love a good staycation?

Win $100 Towards Your Next Hotel Stay

During the #PreferedChat you’ll also have the opportunity to win a $100 iPrefer rewards certificate towards your next hotel stay with Preferred Hotels and Resorts.

I’m not gonna lie, I would definitely use the prize for a one-night Staycation at The Opposite House in Beijing.

Want to dare @Adventures_Asia to eat something weird? Come join the #PreferredChat this Wednesday! Click To Tweet

Malaysia apartment

Stir fried noodles in Kuala Lumpur

Come Join Me Wednesday Night!

So how do you join? Just search for #PreferredChat on Twitter this Wednesday 10:30 pm EST.

Every so often I’ll be asking a question that you can answer via responding to my Tweet or just Tweeting out your answer. Just be sure to use the #PreferredChat hashtag so everyone can see your response!

This chat will be at 10:30 am Thursday morning Beijing time, so I will be there with a big cup of coffee and a ton of questions for all of you!

Have any questions about Twitter chats and how they work? This article explains it all!

Will you be joining us this Wednesday evening? Let me know your Twitter handle in the comments so I can follow you before we start! Or just Tweet this: 

I'll be at the #PreferredChat this Wednesday. Come join me to talk about Asian food culture! Click To Tweet

Thanks so Preferred Hotels and Resorts for inviting me to host this awesome chat! Hope to see you all there. 

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