Internships and Long-Lost Photos

Sorry for the lack of posts these past few days. I’ve actually been pretty sick (fever-ish), maybe from extreme exhaustion? Whoops. Well, Shanghai was worth it. I’ll be trying to crank out these posts during my last week and a half of finals, papers and projects (ahhhh!). But while I finish putting together my Xinjiang posts, here’s a quick update:

I have an internship next fall working for the Alliance in DC!!!

whooooooooooooo. I’m so excited! I’ve really enjoyed studying abroad with the Alliance in Bejing and Xi’an and I think it will be a really great opportunity to work with the company I had such a great experience studying abroad with.

While the Internship with Alliance was an awesome surprise for me today, I have a surprise for all of you: Remember that time a few months ago when I went to a city in Yunnan called Dali, and we all dressed up in minority costumes- but I didn’t have any photos of myself to share with you all? WELL I DO NOW. Hannah finally posted all of the fabulous photos of us dressed up in colorful, sparkly costumes so I decided that to procrastinate on my homeweork that I’m already behind on from being sick, I’m going to share these photos with you so you can have a good laugh while I finish my Xinjiang posts.

Here’s a link to my Dali post if you forgot: Arriving in Dali

Thanks to Hannah’s camera and Nate’s photo taking skills (while simultaneously holding all of our purses) for these marvelous gems



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