Geisha Glamor at the Park Hotel Tokyo – Tokyo’s Most Unique Hotel

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Park Hotel Tokyo

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Whenever I travel, I always try to choose hotels and hostels that are unique or have a story. I’d much rather stay in a family run guesthouse, or a quirky boutique hotel, than a generic chain resort. Sometimes the place you stay can be a destination in and of itself, and I may or may not have a few hotel properties on my bucket list.

When I first read about the Park Hotel Tokyo’s artist rooms on I Am Aileen, I knew I needed to book a stay when I finally made it to Tokyo.

Sure, it might’ve taken me almost a year to get here, but it was worth it! Not only did I stay for three full nights, I got to experience two different rooms, including my absolute dream room: Geisha Goldfish!

Park Hotel Tokyo

Hello Tokyo Tower!

Park Hotel Tokyo’s Artist Rooms

If you’re going to stay in the Park Hotel Tokyo, you have to book an Artist Room. These incredible rooms have all been decorated by different artists and have their own unique theme. Some rooms only took a few weeks to create, while others took almost a year of work!

Park Hotel Zodiac Room

Loving the Zodiac room!

My Artist Room Experience

Chris and I had the chance to stay in both the Zodiac and Geisha Goldfish rooms, both of which were incredible. On check-in, we were asked to choose which room we’d like to stay in. I was a little bummed that my favorite room, Geisha Goldfish, wasn’t available, but I was happy to stay in one of their other amazing rooms.

However, after hearing that Geisha Goldfish was my favorite, Park Hotel Tokyo gave me the opportunity to switch rooms after the first night!

After looking through Park Hotel’s photobook of the rooms, Chris and I settled on the Zodiac room for our first night, which is Park Hote’s most popular artist room.

Park Hotel Zodiac Room

How many Zodiac animals can you see here?

The Zodiac Room

Created by artist Ryosuke Yasumoto, the Zodiac room is absolutely stunning. You really have to see the work in person to understand how much detail goes into this room. Not only are all 12 Zodiac animals present, the walls also contain a cat and weasel who “missed out on being chosen” for the Zodiac.

Park Hotel Tokyo Zodiac Room

Hello little mouse!

While I usually gravitate towards more colorful art, I loved the 3-D pop-out animals that are found around the room, as well as the Japanese poems written on the walls. The view of the Tokyo tower from the large window certainly didn’t hurt either!

Park Hotel Geisha Goldfish

Isn’t it beautiful??

The Geisha Goldfish Room

After the first day, Chris and I switched to my favorite room: Geisha Goldfish. The colors in this room are absolutely breathtaking, with pinks, reds, and oranges. I absolutely love how artist Aki Narita painted goldfish on the walls and ceiling to make it feel like the goldfish are swimming all around you.

I have a big soft spot for goldfish in East-Asian art, and I even have a tattoo of a Chinese watercolor goldfish on my shoulder. I’m also a little obsessed with geishas, and may or may not have spent hours reading up on the traditions and differences between a geisha and maiko before I went to Kyoto…

Park Hotel Tokyo Geisha Goldfish

The amount of detail is crazy!

The amount of detail in this room is absolutely breathtaking. From the geishas playing a string game to the fact that the geishas behind the bed appear perfectly in the mirror, this room definitely had a lot of love and work go into it.

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Park Hotel Tokyo Yokai Room

The Yokai Room!

Exploring the Other Artist Rooms

On my second full day, I had the opportunity to take a tour of the other artist rooms. While most of the rooms were full, I did get a chance to see a few others, from the minimalist Zen room to the bold Samurai room, the artistic 100 Poems, and the quirky Yokai room.

The Yokai room was definitely Chris’ favorite, and we loved spotting the kappa monster after learning about his tricky ways while hiking the Kumano Kodo! I loved that this room had small monsters and portals hidden where you’d least expect them. Find little paintings in the closet, on the window seat, and in the bathroom. There’s also a super secret painting hidden in this room, but you’ll have to ask one of the staff to show you!

There were a few rooms I didn’t get to see but wish I did. I love the look of the Chery Blossom room with pink cherry blossoms and gold leaf. The deep red and metallic Wabi Sabi room also looks incredible!

Shimbashi Tokyo

I love this neighborhood!

Park Hotel – Location, Location!

When I booked a stay at the Park Hotel, I had no idea what a great neighborhood I’d be staying in! Located just next to Shiodome subway station, the hotel is just a quick walk to Shimbashi, where the local salarymen all go to drink and eat after work.

Shimbashi is a spectacular neighborhood, and eating in a tiny restaurant right under the railway tracks feels like something out of Bladerunner. I loved getting delicious ramen, conveyor belt sushi, and surprisingly tasty Mexican just around the corner from Park Hotel Tokyo!

Staying at Park Hotel, you’re also walking distance from the famous Tsukiji Fish Market, which will make that early morning wakeup call to watch the Tuna Auction that much easier. Besides, you won’t have to pay for an expensive cab ride!

Shimbashi Tokyo

Eating dinner in Shimbashi

Park Hotel Tokyo is the Perfect Base

While staying at Park Hotel Tokyo, you’re right in the middle of the action, only a few stops away on the train from hotspots like Akihabara, Harajuku, and Shinjuku. Want to browse 90’s video games, hit up the Robot Restaurant, pray at Meiji Shrine, or go Lolita spotting? Park Hotel Tokyo is a perfect base for all of the coolest things to do in Tokyo.

Even getting to further-flung places such as Asakusa and the Tokyo Skytree, isn’t too much of a hassle from here!

Park Hotel Tokyo

Coffee with a view!

Park Hotel Tokyo’s Perks

After staying in ryokans for two-weeks straight, Park Hotel Tokyo was a welcome change. As much as I love ryokans, it was very nice to be able to speak English to the hotel staff and enjoy a Western hotel breakfast.

Speaking of breakfast, the Park Hotel Tokyo breakfast was great! I had the option of both Western and Japanese breakfast foods, meaning I could have a latte, eggs, and bacon along with a big bowl of miso soup!

Park Hotel Tokyo

Free wine in the evenings!

I also loved that the hotel is so high up (levels 25 to 31), giving you a great view of the Tokyo Tower and a glimpse of Mt. Fuji! I especially liked looking out over the city at night, when the Tokyo Tower is all lit up in orange.

Finally, if you stay in an artist room, you’ll have a private artist lounge where you can grab a coffee or a glass of wine anytime before 8 pm. Chris and I loved admiring the view over a glass of red before heading out to dinner!

Park Hotel Zodiac room

Don’t forget to look up!

Are the Artist Rooms Really Worth It?

I’ve been dreaming about staying in one of Park Hotels Tokyo’s art rooms for a solid year now, and I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I loved it.

There’s just something special about staying in a room that’s a piece of art, and I love how the Park Hotel Tokyo lets you choose a room that reflects your style and personality.

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Park Hotel Tokyo Geisha Goldfish


Not only do the artist rooms look gorgeous in photos and video (seriously, the Geisha Goldfish room made an excellent backdrop for our Kumano Kodo Facebook Live video!), staying in one of these rooms is a great way to support Japan’s artists.

The Park Hotel Tokyo’s artist rooms have been so successful that they’re expanding, hiring more artists to paint additional rooms on other floors!

Personally, I absolutely loved staying in an artist room at the Park Hotel, and I think its the perfect splurge for a few days in Tokyo. I’d stay at the Park Hotel Tokyo again in a heartbeat, and I recommend you do the same!

What Do You Think?

Which room is your favorite? Let me know in a comment below!

Also, if you have any questions about Park Hotel Tokyo and the artist rooms, leave me a message below. I’m always online checking for new comments so if you have a question, ask below and I’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible!

Park Hotel Tokyo

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Thanks to the Park Hotel for providing Chris and I 3-nights accommodation in exchange for an honest review. I absolutely LOVED my stay there, and I highly recommend it! 



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