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Do you feel like you're just drowning in a sea of information and you have no idea who to trust?

Why not get actionable honest advice from a 5th year teacher in China? Let me help guide you through your teach abroad adventure so you can avoid all my mistakes, find an incredible job, and feel super prepared to live and work in China!

Hey, I'm Richelle!

Over the last six years, I’ve been helping hundreds of people take the leap to go on the adventure of a lifetime and teach abroad in China! Through my blog, Adventures Around Asia, my free Facebook group for teachers in China, my premium program Teach Abroad Squad, and more – helping people achieve their goals and explore China has become my passion!

In this FREE 3-Part Video Training Series, I’m going to give you the training and advice I wish I had when I was just starting out as a teacher in China.

Teaching in China Made Easy.

The thought of moving to China alone can be overwhelming, but Richelle goes over everything you need to know to be successful during your time abroad. She also makes the lessons very engaging and fun by providing personal insights and stories from her own time living and working in China.

Hilary Hancock 

I was overwhelmed by all the information out there of what you should and shouldn't do and I was getting lost in the sea of it all. Then I came across Richelle’s Instagram and blog and realized this is a real person giving real stories of life in China. 

Sarah Anderson