Find a Job in China

I get it, trying to find a job in China is hard.

How do you know where to look? How do you know if a school’s salary is good enough? How do you make sure your job isn’t a scam?!

Trust me, I’ve been there.

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My first job was with Ameson Year in China was in the middle of nowhere “Factoryville”, China and only paid 5,000 RMB per month. How is it possible that I made this mistake after studying abroad in China for 7 months? I was fluent in Chinese!!

It’s my sincere goal that none of you get lured into giant companies like Ameson Year in China, Disney English, EF, or American Eagle that don’t have much to offer. Most teachers find the best jobs after a year or two of trial and error at one of these companies, but I’m here to help you skip that process.

Why waste a year being overworked and underpaid?

Teach Abroad China

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How Did You Find These Jobs?

All of the jobs listed here are quality positions that have reasonable hours and pay well.

How did I find these jobs? Either A) I’ve worked there, B) I have a friend who works there or C) They’re through my experienced recruiter buddy Dan. 

You deserve better than those horrible jobs that only pay 5,000 RMB per month.


find a job teaching in China

Teach cute kids!

Job 1: Language Academy

Location: Most centers are in Beijing, but there are also centers in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hunan, Liaoning, Zhejiang, Anhui and more! 

Requirements: Native speakers from US, UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa. You do not need to have a degree or a TEFL to apply. (Centers outside of Beijing only take native speakers from the US and Canada).

Job Details: The company teaches preschool through 7th grade in small class sizes after school and on the weekends. You’ll work 40 hours/ week but you only teach 10 hours per week! You will need to work on weekends but you get two consistent weekdays off.

Your salary is based on you only teaching 10 class hours per week. The more hours you teach, the more you’ll be paid. If you have to sit there for 40 hours a week, you might as well be teaching and getting paid, right? You can also teach demo classes and get paid for each student who signs up!

Salary:  This is the base salary for those with no experience who only teach 10 class hours a week. Most teachers make more than this. 

  • 9,500 RMB (Bachelor’s degree) + 3,000 RMB housing stipend
  • 10,000 RMB (TEFL with no Bachelor’s) + 3,000 RMB housing stipend
  • 10,500 RMB (TEFL with Bachelor’s) + 3,000 RMB housing stipend

Why here? I first heard about this company from a friend in Beijing. A few months ago I also got my boyfriend’s brother a job here and he loves it!

Interested? Want to know more? Send me an email with your resume and a photo!

teach English China

Just a few of my high school girls

Job 2: Chinese Public and Private Schools

Location:  Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, and more! 

Requirements: Native speakers from all 7 countries listed above, with a Bachelor’s degree and TEFL OR Non-native speakers that are fluent in English and have a teaching certificate.

Job Details:  Public and private schools have a lighter work schedule than most language academies. You’ll have a maximum of 20 classes/week (usually 13-16) and fewer office hours too.

Most teachers work daytime hours Monday-Friday which means no weekends! You should have a 2-hour lunch break each day, and tons of vacation time when students are out of school. 

Salary:  Obviously, each school is on a case-by-case basis, but with teaching experience or a related degree, we can aim for 13-14k RMB plus 3-4k RMB for housing.

Why here?  My recruiter friend Dan has spent the last few years finding qualified teachers jobs in Southern China. He knows all the best public and private schools and has great connections with schools who only hire through him. 

He just signed 3 teachers last week and most of his schools are in the process of hiring for Fall!

Interested? Want to know more? Apply here

college counselor China

Working as a Chinese college counselor!

Job 3: Work As A College Counselor

Location:  Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu, and more!

Requirements: Native speakers from the USA who have a Bachelor’s Degree and graduated from a top US university.

Preferred Qualifications: Graduate from top 50 University, advanced degree, admissions experience, teaching experience with high schoolers or adults

Job Details: Aid Chinese students in applying to top US universities, helping them understand the admissions process. While each office varies, you will be helping high school students write their application essays, develop extracurricular activities, and choose a university that best fits their needs.

For more information, I wrote an entire article about this position here!

Salary: salaries start at 16,000 RMB/ month with a 7,000 RMB housing stipend.

Currently, I make 20,000 RMB/ month + 7,000 RMB/month housing stipend before tax, with a Master’s degree and teaching experience. (Roughly 17,500 + 6,500 after taxes).

Why here? I work here! My company is hiring and we need more counselors for the upcoming admissions season!

Interested? Want to know more? Send me an email with your resume!

Tutoring students in Ningbo

Need More Help Finding a Job in China?

Finding a job teaching abroad in China is just one step of a major process.

What about TEFL certificates? Choosing a city? Cost of living and budgeting? VPNs and Internet censorship???

There’s a lot of information to go over before you leave for China, which is why I’ve created a FREE Teach Abroad in China Mini-Course to help you achieve your goal of teaching abroad in China. I sincerely believe that this course is the fastest way to get from A to B without the hassle and confusion of reading through heaps of misleading information online.

Curious? Let’s get started!

I Want the course!

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Know Of A Great Job in China?

Do you work for an incredible company in China? Do you run a fantastic school? Are you a teach abroad recruiter? Please contact me!

I would love to find some more incredible positions for people to apply to. I’m especially interested in:

  • Kindergartens
  • Positions for non-native speakers
  • Public and private schools outside of Shenzhen/Guangzhou
  • Academies outside of Beijing
  • Non-English teaching jobs for highly qualified teachers.

If you’d like to share your school or company with my readers, I’d love to hear from you! Like I mentioned before, I am extremely strict about which positions I display here, but I’m more than willing to look into new schools and opportunities.

Have any questions about teaching in China? Want one of these jobs? Contact me at! 

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