2015’s Top 15 Female Travel Blogs

I read a lot of blogs.. I mean, a lot. Every morning I wake up, make coffee and read the latest posts from my favorite bloggers. I use this really handy site called Bloglovin’, which acts as an RSS feed to keep track of all your favorite blogs. I have them send me one compact email every day with a list of all the latest posts from the bloggers I follow. That way I never miss anything!

Best Female Travel Bloggers of 2015

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While I’m not normally a “Top 10” kind of girl, I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite bloggers with you guys. I was going to choose 10… and then I got carried away and had to settle on 15. Even that was hard! Not to mention some of the amazing blogs written by couples and guys I left out. Obviously I have a problem. 

Mainly I was inspired by BOB Travel who listed me as one of their Top 50 travel bloggers, as well as a Top 10 destination travel blogger. I just about fainted when I saw my name up there with some really famous blogs. Did they make a mistake?? The best part about their list is that it’s not based on traffic numbers, but a rubric Liane and Lars developed testing blog design, engagement and quality.

Numbers definitely aren’t everything. Sometimes I read posts from some of the most famous travel bloggers and I can’t even get halfway through before I’m bored and click away. While other bloggers keep me coming back for every single post.

Richelle Adventures Around Asia

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Since it felt so good to have my name shared on BOB, I figured why not return the favor and introduce you all to the blogs I read religiously. When a post from these ladies pops up in my newsfeed I will always read it, no matter what it’s about. These girls are super talented, and while some are pretty famous, others deserve to be in the spotlight a little bit more.

Why female bloggers? Well to be honest, most of the blogs I read are written by women. Sorry, we’re just better writers… kidding… but not really. Also, I’m a huge fan of promoting awesome female writers and travelers. Just check out my Women of Wanderlust series!

Without further adieu and in no particular order, I give you the 15 Best Female Travel Bloggers (In My Opinion)

Jessica Curiosity Travels

Photo by Jessica of Curiosity Travels

Curiosity Travels

The thing I really like about Jessica is that she’s relatable. I started following her last year while I was teaching English in the “middle of nowhere” China. Her post about how she really felt teaching English in South Korea really resonated with me, because I felt pretty much the same way last year. I loved reading about her experience teaching English in Spain, and I’ve continued to follow her ever since. Now Jessica is leading tours around the USA, posting awesome Instagram pics of her outdoor adventures.

Jessica was one of those bloggers I really looked up to when I decided to transition Adventures Around Asia from a crappy study abroad diary blog to the site it is today. She wasn’t a professional back then, just another girl like me teaching abroad, who happened to have an amazing following. I still love keeping up with Jessica’s adventures, including her recent girls trip to Jordan!

Adventurous Kate

Photo by Kate of Adventurous Kate

Adventurous Kate

Well, it shouldn’t surprise you that Kate is on this list. Kate McCulley is basically famous in the travel blogging world, and in my opinion is probably the top female travel blogger. I’ve been following her for about a year and a half now, ever since I learned that professional travel blogs are a thing. With 170,000 visitors a month and almost 400,000 page views, Kate is intimidatingly successful!

However, while a lot of my favorite bloggers from Day 1 have begun to bore me in recent months, Kate never does. She rarely does blatantly spammy or sponsored posts, and constantly travels to very interesting and off the beaten path places. She’s also started leading tours in South America, which I would love to go on one day!

If you want a ridiculous amount of reading material you can check out her Best of the Blog, but I suggest you start with her post about getting shipwrecked in Indonesia while trying to reach Komodo Island. Yeah, I told you she was cool.

I am Aileen

Photo by Aileen of I am Aileen

I Am Aileen

I’ve only been following Aileen for a few months now, but I’ve quickly become OBSESSED. I want to be this girl when I grow up… Even though I think we’re the same age. Originally from the Philippines, Aileen had a great job at an investment bank. She was due for a promotion, finding tons of success, but she was also a workaholic who lived at the office. With a helpful nudge from her foreign boyfriend, Aileen quit her job and now travels the world working online as a blogger and entrepreneur.

If I had one word for Aileen and her blog, it would be “inspiring”. Aileen makes me feel like I can do anything, and gives you all the tips and information you need to create a life you love. Also, her blog design is stunning and I’m super jealous of how beautiful and interactive her site is.

Want to be inspired? Be sure to read her post The 5 Steps I Took to Start a Life of Travel or 5 Things to Know First Before You Quit Your Job to Travel the World.

Alex in Wanderland

Photo by Alex of Alex in Wanderland

Alex in Wanderland

I started reading Alex in Wanderland back when I was planning my trip to Thailand this fall. I knew I wanted to get my Open Water Certification on Koh Tao, and Alex has lived there more than once. Alex is just as obsessed with scuba diving as I am, and takes the most amazing underwater photos. If I go on another dive trip I will definitely seriously consider upgrading my underwater camera gear. While the GoPro is great for videos, my underwater photos are horrible (not including the selfies).

Alex’s blog was a goldmine of information while I was planning for SE Asia. Now she’s backpacking through South America, and while I’m not planning on visiting anytime soon, her posts give me a serious case of Wanderlust! I especially enjoyed her post Catcalls and Question Marks about street harassment in Nicaragua. Gotta love a feminist piece!

Young Adventuress

Photo by Liz of Young Adventuress

Young Adventurous 

Liz from Young Adventurous is absolutely hilarious. She’s another blog most of you won’t be surprised to see on here. Not only is Liz’s blog extremely popular, she’s also kind of Instagram famous. An avid hiker who lives in New Zealand, it’s not hard to see why.

Liz’s personality packs a punch, and she’s not afraid to drop an f-bomb or use blunt and sarcastic humor. Because of this, she gets a lot of hate comments, to which she flaunts in her annual best hate comments roundups. You can always count on Liz to tell it like it is, whether it’s things that annoy her on planes or how to not have a boring travel blog.

I’ve been following Liz for over a year now and she never disappoints. She’s also the only travel blogger that consistently makes me laugh out loud (and not in the “omg lol” kind of way).

Hippie in Heels

Photo by Rachel of Hippie in Heels

Hippie in Heels

If I ever plan a trip to India, Rachel will be my go-to blogger for planning my trip. I honestly aspire to be “known” for travel in China the way Rachel is seen as an expert for India. Living in Goa the past few years, Rachel has backpacked all over India, and still travels the country in her spare time. One part “dirty hippie” another part girly girl, Rachel effortlessly combines luxurious travel with a backpacker budget. She even makes her own candles and works as a Thai masseuse!

Even if you never plan to set foot in India, I would still recommend reading her blog for the fascinating insights about life in India. Every Friday Rachel publishes a short “This is India” post, where she tells crazy stories from life in India. Just the other day she found a python in her backyard!!! In addition to crazy India stories, she’s also a great resource for beach fashion and splurge-worthy travel experiences.

Lovepuffin Hayley

Photo by Hayley of Lovepuffin


Hayley from Lovepuffin is my most recent new favorite. A few months ago I read her post titled To The Girl in My Hostel… You’re an Idiot and You’re Ruining it for the Rest of Us. Honestly, this post is epic. If you want to fall out of your chair from shock and laughter, please read this post about the most horrible, entitled mess of a traveler in India.

Speaking of India, Hayley backpacked through India for three months! Her motto is adventure for the unadventurous, which definitely fits with my style. She even has “adventure ratings” for her posts so you know what you’re getting yourself into. Hayley also makes awesome videos, like this one of her tour in the Mekong Delta with Tinggly! Her beautiful British accent sure doesn’t hurt my ears either.

A Dangerous Business

Photo by Amanda of A Dangerous Business

A Dangerous Business

Small-town Ohio girl and self-professed Lord of the Rings nerd, Amanda writes an incredible blog aimed at solo female travelers. After graduation, Amanda moved to New Zealand (mainly because of Lord of the Rings), which sparked her desire to keep traveling all over the world.

Amanda is a huge proponent of living a “normal” life while traveling too. She hasn’t quit her job to travel, and she doesn’t like long-term travel either. Since most travel bloggers are all about these two things (or they’re expats like me), it’s refreshing to see someone do something different. If you love to travel but want to know how to make it work with your “real life”, be sure to check Amanda out.

Just One Way Ticket

Photo by Sabrina of Just One Way Ticket

Just One Way Ticket 

While I’ve read a few posts from Sabrina in the past, it wasn’t until I started planning my most recent trip to the Philippines that I became obsessed with her blog. From wandering Manila’s Smokey Mountain slums to beach bumming on my new favorite island Siargao, Sabrina captivates me with her amazing photography and storytelling. She also basically singlehandedly convinced me to visit the Philippines.

If you’re planning a trip to the Philippines (which is now tied with Taiwan for my favorite country), you have to check out Sabrina’s blog. Even if you never plan to set foot in SE Asia, Sabrina will keep you coming back with her great, self-deprecating sense of humor, wanderlust inspiring photos and videos, and inspirational posts about how to make travel your career.

Unlocking Kiki

Photo by Kaelene of Unlocking Kiki

Unlocking Kiki

More of an expat lifestyle blog than a strictly travel blog, I’ve been enjoying reading Kaelene’s blog for about a year now. Kaelene currently lives in Iceland with her sexy Viking boyfriend (I mean seriously, have you seen this guy??) She and the Viking go on incredible weekend adventures around the country, documenting one “off the beaten path” place after another. Secret lagoons, hidden waterfalls… no wonder her Instagram account is so amazing!

To be honest, Kaelene inspires me to be a better expat in China. Look at me wasting time on my computer when I could be having my own weekend adventures around the PRC! Also, she’s very honest about how life in Iceland isn’t as stunningly beautiful as it may seem. She talks about what it’s like to live in a place that is literally freezing ALWAYS. Also, apparently grocery shopping is hard.

Heart My Backpack

Photo by Silvia of Heart My Backpack

Heart My Backpack

A new favorite of mine, Silvia caught my attention with her travels in Central Asia and the Middle East! This girl has traveled to places like Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Mongolia and Uzbekistan just to name a few. Silvia makes me want to visit countries I never dreamed of setting foot in. Who knew Central Asia was such an amazing place to travel?

Whether it’s couchsurfing in Iran or getting kidnapped in Penang, Silvia always keeps things entertaining. But you know what I really like about her? She’s still a girly girl who’s not afraid to stand on a chair to take photos of her food. She’s relatable and makes me feel like I could go on a solo adventure to Iran! Except… you know… Americans aren’t allowed to.

She also had a difficult time teaching in Japan just like I did in China last year.

Ashley Abroad

Photo by Ashley of Ashley Abroad

Ashley Abroad

Lover of baguettes and red wine, Ashley started her life abroad by working as an au pair in France. How glamorous does it get?! After living on the road backpacking Europe and Asia long-term, Ashley has called the nomadic lifestyle quits, taking a job in Denver, Colorado. She now travels part-time on her meager vacation days. Don’t think America’s poor vacation time holds her back though. She literally just got back from a trip to Jordan with Jessica from Curiosity Travels. Why wasn’t I invited?? Just kidding… not really.

If you love your career and travel, Ashley Abroad is a great blog for inspiration. Why can’t you have your cake and eat it too? Ashley wrestles with important dilemmas like the desire to settle down and have a career and a cute apartment, combined with the tempting lure of long-term travel. I know I’d feel exactly the same way if I moved back to the US right now.

Ashley also has a second site, Become An Au Pair, for those of you interested in working abroad. She’s done it four times so she’s a great wealth of knowledge!

Never Ending Footsteps

Photo by Lauren of Never Ending Footsteps

Never Ending Footsteps

How could you not love a girl who’s a self-described “traveler, writer, and walking disaster”? I stumbled on Lauren’s blog about six months ago and I’ve been hooked ever since. While she went a bit quiet for a few weeks so that she could focus on her memoire “How Not to Travel the World”, now she’s back with a vengeance, writing entertaining stories like the time she lost her passport… twice… in two months.

The thing I really like about Lauren is how much travel has changed her as a person. Lauren used to suffer from debilitating anxiety and an eating disorder. After a big breakup she decided to throw caution to the wind and embark on an epic solo travel adventure, even though she’d never traveled long-term and definitely never by herself. While traveling she’s been attacked by monkeys, swallowed a cockroach and even had to sit next to a dead woman on a boat for 24-hours (?!), but she hasn’t had a panic attack in years, she’ll try crazy exotic foods and she even found love too!

I’ve already pre-ordered Lauren’s book which comes out August 13th. Get Lauren’s Book!

This American Girl

Photo by Camille of This American Girl

This American Girl 

At first I thought Camille from This American Girl was a bit too “hippie” for me, living in the jungle of Costa Rica, surfing, and eating all natural foods. Basically the exact opposite of my life in China. I decided to follow her anyway and slowly but surely her insightful posts about consumerism and escaping from a toxic lifestyle in America began to spark my interest.

She writes about staying healthy without constantly relying on Western medicine, the bacteria she drinks to protect herself from food poisoning, and her remedy for mosquitos. Her tip to drink coconut milk or water to cure a hangover has also literally changed my life forever.

After reading Camille’s blog for a few months, I really think she has a lot of great insight. I especially enjoyed her post How to Figure Out What the F*** You Should Be Doing With Your Life. It was actually a revelation for me!

Also be sure to check out: You Don’t Have to Be a Privileged White Girl to Travel which features Jay from Jay on Life who I featured last month as well as Aileen from I Am Aileen!

Slightly Astray Anna

Photo by Anna of Slightly Astray

Slightly Astray

Last but certainly not least, I’ve been following Anna for about three months now, ever since I spotted her post about how much she loves Taipei. What can I say? I’m a sucker for Taiwan lovers. Born in Beijing, Anna moved to the US as a child. Currently, she’s back in China, rediscovering her Chinese heritage.

As I’ve said time and time again, one of my favorite things about travel is exploring the amazing delicacies each country has to offer. Whether it’s cheap street food, a home cooked meal or famous restaurant, I’m always down to try the local cuisine.

One of the main reasons why I love Anna’s blog is that she’s an amazing travel food writer. Honestly, this girl writes about food in a way I can only dream of emulating. Whether it’s her quest to find the best beef noodle soup in Taipei, or a home cooked meal at her grandmother’s house, I’m always salivating. Plus, she loves hotpot so we’re automatically friends.

Richelle Adventures Around Asia


Whew! Wow this post took me WAY longer than I thought it would… plus I got really distracted and started reading all these old blog posts from my favorites….. Whoopsies.

In any case, you should have enough reading material to last you the rest of the year. Just don’t forget about me over here at Adventures Around Asia!

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  1. What a great post! I read a few of these blogs on your list already but it’s so great to be introduced to some new ones too. Love the love in this supportive community and can’t wait to read about some more amazing adventures from inspiring women all around the world!

    • I’m always on the lookout for new bloggers. I just found an awesome one yesterday. There’s so many talented female writers it’s hard not to get carried away! hahaha

  2. Awesome! Thanks so much for including me with all these amazing bloggers :) There were only 2 I hadn’t heard of (I read all the others) so will check them out asap… gracias for sharing! x

  3. Great list, Richelle! Funny story — I just found out about Hippie in Heels while watching an episode of house hunters international that featured her. Also, don’t judge… That, er, was on by mistake… :X

    • Hahaha not gonna lie, I kind of want to see that episode… and the one with Liz from Young Adventuress. Maybe I can be on it when I hunt for my apartment in Beijing next month?

  4. I love this list and the way you introduced every girl! I follow them all but to be honest my most favorite one is Liz because of her specific sense of humor :D

  5. Great list! There are some new ladies on here that I hadn’t heard of. So excited to delve into some new blogs. I know what you mean about struggling to make a short list. I’ve HAD to make a short list for subscriptions, purely so that my inbox doesn’t get overwhelmed, but maybe I need to embrace Bloglovin’ once and for all!

    • Hahaha my list is out of control! Bloglovin is my life. I can’t handle tons of emails every day, which is why I only subscribe to newsletters if they’re actually newsletters (and not just emails containing their new posts). You should definitely get Bloglovin, it’s the best!

  6. Wow!! I am seriously beyond honored Richelle to be included! And alongside such famous names and bloggers that I look up to too! When I’m back in China, we will grab some hotpot together!!

    And congrats to you too for getting the BOB awards!

  7. You sweet, sweet girl! I’m totally blushing over being included in this list and how your description of my blog really nailed what I’m going for! You’ve listed most of my favorites here, so I’m also excited to check out the three that I didn’t follow, because it sounds like we have the same reading taste!

    • Well obviously you’re doing a great job projecting the image you want because it really shines through. I love reading all your posts about Central Asia and Eastern Europe. It’s something different from what I normally see every day :)

  8. Some great bloggers on this list including favourites of mine like Slightly Astray but you’ve also introduced me to some great blogs that I hadn’t previously known of!

    • I’m glad I could introduce a few new bloggers. It’s nice to meet another Slightly Astray fan. She’s one blogger I feel like needs to be in the spotlight a bit more :)

  9. Well you know I love this! Also, I just ordered Travel Blog Success from your link since I always enjoy reading your many adventures.

  10. I read so many blogs but I am always looking for new travellers to follow and to get inspiration from.
    It must have taken a long time to put this information together. Thank you

    • Hahaha unfortunately it took me WAY longer than I thought it would. I’m glad I finally made it though, because I’ve been thinking about it for a long time :)

  11. Great picks, Richelle! I’m a long time reader of a lot of these fab ladies but there were stills coup,win there I didn’t know! Excited to check them out! Have you moved yet? I’m looking forward to getting my Beijing fix from you and hearing about your new job. I have to admit I’m not missing Beijing yet though but I’m sure I will at some point soon. Do you know where you’re going to live?

    • Glad to introduce your to a few new blogs! I’m moving to Beijing in a few weeks once I finish my dissertation (!!!). I’ll be sure to write all about Beijing and my new job. I think my job might be interesting for people who want to teach abroad, but are tired of actually teaching haha. It’ll probably take a while to start missing China… maybe a year or two :P

  12. This list is awesome! A lot of my favorites here and a bunch of new ones to follow too! I love the way you described each one so personally, really great! Thanks! :)

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  15. Hey Richelle,
    Your blog was one of the first I ever started following, gave me so much inspiration to travel!
    Love discovering new blogs like ‘This American girl’ how amazing is she?!
    Have you checked out ThisBatteredSuitcase? Her blog is fab!

  16. Wowww, an awesome list of some travelers. I will definitely follow some of the. I am a big wanderer and love traveling. Your post really made my day. This post of yours gave gave me a lot of inspiration to travel!

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