How to Shop in the US From Anywhere in The World

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Growing up in the US, I had no idea how good we have it. Crazy deals on designer clothes at Macy’s. Incredible prices on electronics at Best Buy. All those cool monthly subscription boxes that only ship to the US.

The US is shopping heaven for affordable, quality goods and I had no idea how great I had it until I started meeting people from around the world.

I laughed as my Aussie ex stocked up on Levi jeans and my Korean friends raided Urban Outfitters. I was shocked when I discovered Amazon doesn’t ship to Australia and New Zealand. I couldn’t believe that many products I know and love don’t exist in Canada. Why do you think there are all those outlet malls are on the border?

US Delivered

Missing My US Products in China

When I moved to China I experienced this firsthand. Wasn’t China supposed to be the land of cheap goods? Well, that’s true if you want fake products or clothes with no stretch that will fall apart after a few weeks.

Want a GoPro, iPhone, or Canon lens? Prepare to pay extra. Need jeans that actually fit your curvy hips? Good luck. I was shocked to find that quality clothing, shoes, electronics, and makeup were at least TWICE what I would pay in the states, even if they were made in China!

Whenever I go home, I stock up on all of the things I just can’t get abroad. I go on a major shopping spree, buying soft Calvin Klein sweaters for $25 a pop. I grab cute boots on sale and real Nike tennis shoes. I raid the drugstore for cheap Covergirl mascara and Revlon eyeliner.

At home I place orders on Amazon for affordable moisturizer and foundation, cutting my costs by a third. I’m sure to load up on big bags of coffee beans which are literally five times the price in Beijing. I also order THINX period panties and Diva Cups saving a fortune on shipping.

I should honestly bring back more and start selling!!

expat in China

What About People Who Aren’t From the US?

I have the luxury of yearly trips to the US to stock up on everything I need, and if something is urgent, I can always have my parents send it.

But what if you’re not from the US? What about all of my Chinese coworkers who spend $30 on drugstore brand foundation that I can get for $5 at home? What about my Australian boyfriend who doesn’t have Best Buy or Amazon?

Well, don’t worry because I found a solution!

US Delivered

Send your packages to a secure address!

Introducing US Delivered

About a year ago, my Chinese friends told me about a website that allows you to ship orders from the US to a warehouse in San Francisco that compiles your packages into one large box and sends them all the way to China. However, these websites are only in Chinese for Chinese clients.

…Not very convenient for those of us who speak English.

That’s why when I discovered US Delivered I couldn’t wait to share it with you all. US Delivered is the same exact product my Chinese friends use, but even better, and not just because it’s in English.

US Delivered

Shop online from anywhere!

How US Delivered Works

Once you register online, you’ll receive a permanent US address where you can send all of your packages. This means that every time you shop online you can have everything sent to one saved address.

Once you have everything at the warehouse, US Delivered will combine all of your packages into one box to save on shipping. They can even take pictures of all of your items for free to make sure there are no issues with any of your deliveries.

Then choose from a variety of speedy shipping methods like FedEx, UPS, and DHL. Once you choose your shipment method you can track your order and watch as it arrives in a matter of days.

All of your items are insured up to $100 for free, and you’re more than welcome to purchase additional insurance for pricey products. You can also store all of your packages at your permanent address for up to 30 days for free!

US Delivered

How Much Will This Cost Me?

When it comes to international shipping, one big worry is the cost. Thankfully US Delivered saves you a ton of money on shipping because you can consolidate all of your packages into one shipment. This gives you the ability to order from multiple different websites and only pay one international shipping fee.

US Delivered guarantees a good price by repackaging all of your items to minimize weight and size dimensions for international shipping costs. Curious to see how much your package will cost? Check out their price calculator!

While many companies like this charge outrageous service or repackaging fees, US Delivered only charges $5 per box or $5 per month if you sign up for their monthly plan. How do they make money? Well, it’s pretty easy when you send over 1 million packages to 200+ countries.

US Delivered also has a lowest-price guarantee when it comes to any of their shipping competitors. They average 26% lower prices than their competitors, and if you happen to find a lower rate, they’ll beat it.

Check Your Shipping Price!

US Delivered

My package arrived safe and sound!

My US Delivered Experience

Obviously, before I tell you all to use a service, I’m going to test it out for myself. While I do have parents at home who can send packages for me, I figured I’d ask US Delivered to review their service before I shared it with all of you!

I had my mom compile a small care package with a sweater, two pairs of fleece tights and my new Driver’s License that was late arriving in the mail while I was home. To be honest, I was a bit nervous sending a Driver’s License overseas, but I figured it would be a good test of US Delivered’s service.

I also ordered two awesome lipsticks on Amazon from Lipstick Queen (Frog Prince and Hello Sailor, for those of you who are interested) that are outrageously expensive in China.

I had all of my items sent to my US Delivered permanent address in Texas, and within a few days, they were on their way to China! All I needed to do was type all of my items into the customs form on their site and give them my Chinese address.

Yan'an Shaanxi

Oh China!

Dealing With Chinese Customs

Within three days my items had arrived in China, and I got a call from the Chinese UPS office. Of course, no one on the phone spoke any English, but I eventually discerned that they wanted me to describe what was in my box, which I did.

Then they asked me to respond to a text message with a copy of my passport, which I found bizarre. They then called me back again asking me to email a specific email address with a copy of my passport too. Really?!

I will never understand why no one at the Chinese UPS office in Beijing speaks a word of English, but at least my Chinese was decent enough to work through it. Once I sent the email, my package arrived at my office the next morning!

UPS informed me that I might have to pay a tax when I picked up my box, but because most of my items were used, the tax would be low. However, when my box arrived no one asked me for anything…

I’ve had so many boxes mailed to China not make it, especially if they’re shipped using snail mail. I’m still not sure why they never arrived, but I would assume it’s because my Chinese phone number didn’t make it onto the form, or because none of the items were declared. I guess I’ll never know.

Because shipping to China is such a disaster I was very happy (and moderately surprised) when my US Delivered box arrived on time in a matter of days with no issues aside from annoying Chinese UPS officers.


Tips For Shipping to China

If you’re going to use US Delivered to ship to China, be aware that the Chinese government charges extremely high taxes on everything you bring in. Because of this, you’ll want to lie about how much all of your items are worth. If you bought a t-shirt for $30, say it was $5. If you bought a $200 watch, tell them it’s only worth $30. It’s the only way to send anything to China without spending a fortune.

Aside from taxes, you’ll also need to put your Chinese phone number with your address. Chinese delivery companies will always call to confirm (and ask for random passport photos), so be sure you have a phone number where they can contact you!

US Delivered

Who US Delivered is For

US Delivered is perfect for people who love shopping for US goods but don’t have friends or family in the US who can consolidate a package.

If you’re obsessed with subscription boxes for wine, books, makeup, or home items, you can have your subscriptions sent to your permanent US address and they’ll be mailed to you within a few days. No more missing out!!

US Delivered is also perfect for those of you without a credit card. They have a Personal Shopping Service where US Delivered employees will buy your items for you using a US credit card. Just tell them which items you’d like to buy and they’ll order and consolidate all of your packages for you.

US Delivered is also great for people with ties to the US who want a low-hassle experience. With just a $5 fee, free insurance, and great rates on shipping, I don’t have to bug anyone to send a package for me. If you’re a shopaholic or you want to order a ton of stuff without bothering anyone back home, US Delivered is for you.

Get Registered Now!

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Who US Delivered is NOT For

Well, obviously US delivered isn’t for people who aren’t interested in shopping in the US. But in addition to that, there are a few people who probably don’t need this service.

If you just want a one-off package that your friend’s or family in the US are willing to ship, you probably don’t need US Delivered.

US Delivered only works for packages sent from the US, so if you want to order something from a different country, you’ll need to use a different service.

Finally, if you want to ship your package through snail mail, which may take a month or more, you’ll need a friend or family member in the US to do this for you. US Delivered and most other businesses only send packages through priority mail.

If you’re looking for some other services like mail consolidation for long-term travelers, sending packages internationally to the US, or international shipping for small businesses, US Delivered works with the umbrella company US Global Mail, which offers all of these services and more!

Temple of Heaven

Check It Out!

Overall, I had a great experience with US Delivered. The process was seamless and the website was extremely easy to use. Next time I need a few things sent through priority mail, I’ll definitely be using them again!

Curious about trying US Delivered for yourself? Make an account and get your free address today! 

Get Registered Now!

Thanks so much to US Delivered for letting me test out their service. I had a great experience and can’t wait to use them again! 



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  1. Thanks! Pretty useful for those shoppers in US, will definitely share with my US relatives and friend..Keep sharing your experiences ??

    • Thanks so much! I would say it’s much more useful for people outside of the US :) That way you can get all of the US products you want without having to be there to buy them!

  2. Bookmarking this to try later! As a Canadian, I’ve always been jealous of Americans for all the reasons you listed at the beginning of this post, and it’s even more true now that I live in Beijing! I just ordered underwear from Target and had them mailed to a friend who lives in the U.S. so that she could mail them to me! This sounds like a great solution, especially because there have been times when I want to try subscription box services!

    • Yeah I really want to try subscription boxes but I could A) never justify the shipping and B) there was no way to get them in China. There are just so many things you can’t get in China! I definitely can’t wait to try this service again.

  3. Hey Amanda,

    You no longer have to go through all that hassle! We got you covered! We have many customers who live overseas and every month we send them their sub boxes. They absolutely love it. Don’t miss out on all the US products anymore. If you have any questions on the service or how it works just let us know. We are always available to answer any questions or help in any way possible.

    • Yeah I honestly think US Delivered is perfect for subscription boxes! Especially if you want to order a few, you can have them repackaged and sent in one shipment.

    • Hey Gregg- you should definitely be able to ship them. Just have your wine sent to the address given to you and they should make it all the way to wherever you’re living :)

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