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Adventures Around Asia is the go-to resource for adventurous travel and cultural immersion in Asia. With an emphasis on female travel, adventurous activities and sustainable tourism, Adventures Around Asia encourages travelers to hop on a plane for an adventure of their own!Travel Tibet

Why Work With Me?

I’m young, passionate and adventurous. I put my heart and soul into everything I do, and I work extremely hard to create a site and brand I’m proud to represent. I have a big personality and a great sense of humor, and a recommendation from me is like getting advice from a friend… a friend with thousands of readers and social media followers.

I’m a China expert

I’ve been living in China for over three years now, and I’ve traveled just about everywhere there is to go in this vast country, including Tibet and Xinjiang. I’m fluent in Mandarin Chinese, and I have many deep relationships with Chinese people. I’ve studied abroad, taught English, attended grad school and worked as an expat in cities like Beijing, Xi’an, and Ningbo.

10% of my readers live in China, while 25% have recently traveled to China, and another 20% are dying to visit in the near future. If you have a product or service and need a China expert, I’m your girl! 

I focus on travel in Asia

Adventures Around Asia is a niche travel site, focusing on travel in Asia. According to my most recent reader survey, over 85% of my readers would like to travel to Asia in the future. By working with me, you’ll have direct access to readers interested in Asia travel.

I love adventure activities

Scuba diving, river tracing, hiking, surfing… I’ll do it all!

To be honest, I’m not a cross-fit, mountain biking, surf goddess. I’m just an average girl who likes to challenge herself. With my self-deprecating sense of humor, I’m great at attracting new customers to adventure activities. I push my readers to challenge themselves and try things they didn’t think they could do. Hey, if I can do it anyone can!

I promote sustainable travel and cultural immersion

I love working with companies that make a difference. Anything that gives back to the local community, or preserves animal welfare and the environment immediately attracts me. I’m passionate about working with local companies, small startups, and nonprofits.

Chiang Mai cooking class With Locals

Reviewing a Thai cooking class for WithLocals

How Can We Work Together?

Want to work with me? Great! Here are some ways we can work together.

  • Brand Ambassadorship
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  • Social Media Promotion
  • Freelance Writing
  • Public Speaking
  • Sponsored Posts

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Important Statistics

The majority of my blog followers are women aged 18-34 from the USA (32%).

  • Facebook: 3,500+
  • Twitter: 90,000+
  • Instagram: 35,200+
  • Pinterest: 160k+ monthly views
  • Email Subscribers: 2,100+

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