China Travel

So you're planning a trip to China. It's hard to know where to begin, right?

With the language barrier, cultural differences, internet censorship, and the fact that China is literally HUGE, traveling China can be a bit intimidating. That's why I've my goal to make China more accessible to international travelers. 

Let me help you explore China and get off the beaten path! 

Where to Go in China:

10 Best "Off The Beaten Path" Places in China


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This Beijing Life

China Hacks:

How to Travel in China Without Speaking Chinese

Chinese people posing

            The Best VPN For China                (Get Around the Great Firewall!)

China VPN

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Incredible Outdoor Adventures:

                 Hiking The Wild Wall:                Great Wall Off the Beaten Path

Chinese people posing

          Hua Shan: The Most Dangerous Hike in the World

Hua Shan

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Awesome Beijing Hutong Tours:

Tipsy Tuk Tuk Food Tour

Lost Plate Food Tour

Hip Hutong Walks

Beijing Hutongs

Where are you Headed?

Hopefully a few of the above posts can help you get on the right track. But if you do want location-specific information, just hover over the Travel category at the top of your screen, then hover over "China" and you'll find many different Chinese cities, provinces, and locations to help you plan your trip! ​

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