The 30 Best Gifts for Girls Who Travel

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Travelers can be some of the hardest people to shop for. How do you buy gifts for people who prioritize experiences over “things”?

Last Christmas I made the mistake of saying I wanted a few candles for my apartment in China, and I ended up with no less than 8 candles as gifts. Trust me, trying to make weight with a bunch of perfumed glass bricks in my bag wasn’t easy.

Now I know you may have seen a lot of these lists, and most of them have ridiculous items. A MacBook Air? A drone??! Sorry friends, but I have student loans to pay off.

All of the items on this list are realistic gifts for travelers, with only a few select items coming in at over $100. They are also all items that I either A) already use or B) want desperately, so you won’t be finding any bizarre gadgets or ugly travel clothes here.

Girls Travel Gifts

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To help you find the perfect gift, I’ve created nine different categories for you to choose from:

  1. The Girl Who Doesn’t Like “Things”
  2. The Girl Who Lives Out of a Backpack
  3. The Adventurous Girl
  4. The Fashionable Globetrotter
  5. The Travel Photographer
  6. The Girl With Her Head in a Book
  7. The Short-Term Traveler
  8. The Perfect Stocking Stuffers
  9. Gifts That Give Back

The Girl Who Doesn’t Like “Things”

Tinggly1. Tinggly: The Gift of Experiences

I think amazing experiences make the best gifts, and most travelers I know feel the same way. But how do you buy an experience gift for a traveler without knowing their whole itinerary? What happens if you pick the wrong thing??!

With Tinggly your traveler can choose from over 340 activities in 100+ countries worldwide. Go camping in Jordan’s desert, extreme whitewater rafting in Nepal, or try a homestay cooking experience in Gambia. Recipients have up to two years to use their gift, and they can choose whichever adventure they want. You’ll even receive a little gift box so she has something to open.

Last year I tested out a Tinggly experience, spending my gift money on scuba diving with thresher sharks! I got to stay in a fancy dive resort as part of the package, which was a great gift to myself considering would I never book a luxury stay there on my own dime.

Price: $79 


China prejudice

The hutong alleyways of Beijing

2. An Awesome WalkingTour

While this might take a little more preparation than Tinggly, an awesome walking tour or skills class is a great gift to give someone for the holidays. A few years ago my mom purchased a photography class for us both to enjoy, and it was a great opportunity to learn how to make the most of my fancy DSLR.

If you’re looking for specific tour suggestions, I recommend Context Travel. These tours are very small, with a 6-person maximum, and are all led by PhD and MA level scholar guides. A few weeks ago I went on a Hutong Walks tour in Beijing, and despite living in the hutongs for almost a year, I was constantly learning new things!

A Context tour is a great gift for keeping a busy traveler entertained back home, or for gifting a friend you’re already on the road with. You can even make a cute little coupon yourself and let your traveler choose and adventure later.

Tours start at $50 per person 


For the Girl Who Lives Out of a Backpack

Eagle Creek packing cubes

My packing cubes!

3. Packing Cubes

Last year my backpack was an absolute mess. But thankfully my family bought me a set of packing cubes and my life has been forever changed. Now my bag is completely organized and packing is a breeze. Seriously, if you have a disorganized traveler in your life, buy her a set of these and she will forever thank you.

This photo also features an Origami Unicorn travel organizer. It’s meant for underwear but I use it for toiletries, makeup, and jewelry!

Price: $32


4. Lush Solid Shampoo

I accidentally lost my tin of Lush solid shampoo at the gym and I’m dying to get a new one! This shampoo is perfect for travelers because it’s small and doesn’t leak. It’s also great for the environment since you never need to throw away any bottles or packaging. Just be sure to warn your friend to let the bar dry out before putting it back in the tin and closing the lid, because otherwise, her bar may melt!

Price: $22 for the shampoo and tin*


*Head to the Lush store in person for a slightly better deal than what’s online

5. Flight 001 Bags

These Flight 001 bags are so cute, I’ve been dying to get a few of my own. They have bags for laundry, shoes, bathing suits, high heels, lingerie, “stuff” and more! Flight 001 even has a cozy little jersey travel blanket that comes in a nice pouch, and a 1-quart liquids bag for security. I love how everything is labeled clearly, and it makes all of the items a little more fun.

Price: $18


For the Adventurous Girl

6. Lifeproof Phone Case

Hopping in and out of boats, trekking in the rain, sledding through the snow… the last thing you want is a dead phone. Lifeproof cases are drop-proof, waterproof, coldproof, and dirt-proof, making them the perfect case for any outdoor adventure.

Take underwater photos on a tropical island and drop your phone in the sand, or take it on a trip to Iceland and snap photos of yourself climbing glaciers without worrying about a dead battery. This case is every traveler’s dream, and it’s not bulky or ugly!

I had one for my old iPhone but I’m dying to get another one for my new iPhone 6S when I’m home! They also currently have a 20% off sale if you spend more than $75.

Price: $80-$100 


Hua Shan plank walk

Get one of these for her forehead!

7. GoPro HERO4 Silver

THe GoPro is definitely one of the best cameras for travel photography. I purchased the GoPro HERO4 Silver two years ago, and I’m in love with it! Unlike the older versions, there’s a touchscreen image display so that you can preview the photos and videos you’ve taken. The GoPro is also waterproof up to 40m, and extremely durable in all weather conditions, meaning you can take it snorkeling, diving, skiing, hiking… pretty much anywhere! I used it religiously in Thailand, Cambodia, and the Philippines to take awesome videos and tons of underwater shots.

If your adventurous girl already has a GoPro, consider getting her some accessories so she can stop tying it to her wrist with a string while scuba diving or ziplining…. or is that just me?

Price: $299 for the GoPro, $16 for a giant accessories pack 


teva sandals

8. Teva Hiking Sandals

Tevas are an epic gift idea for hikers and adventurers. Traveling through Southeast Asia, waterproof hiking sandals are my best friend. Personally, I have a knockoff pair I found on Taobao because real imported shoes are way too expensive in China, but if I could I would’ve bought myself these.

If you have a friend heading on a big trip that needs a good pair of waterproof shoes, you can’t go wrong with Tevas. If for some reason she doesn’t like the style or fit, she’ll always be able to exchange them for another pair!

Price: $37-50


dry bag

9. Dry Bags

For scuba divers, snorkelers, or people who don’t want torrential rain to destroy their electronics, dry bags are the best thing in the world. I use mine all the time! Whether I’m traveling via boat in the Philippines or wading through waist-deep water in a cave, I can protect all of my belongings without worrying about water damage.

What really convinced me to buy a dry bag, was a windy day in the Philippines when I went scuba diving. That day the waves were so huge that we had to jump from our dive boat and swim to a smaller boat that could take us to shore. The crew proceeded to THROW our bags to the small boat, but I wasn’t about to let them chuck my DSLR 20 feet! Instead, I borrowed a dry bag and  jumped out of the boat, swimming through the crashing waves. My camera and phone were both completely dry, and that day I purchased my very own set of dry bags.

For serious water enthusiasts, I recommend getting a heavy duty dry bag, but for those that want a little extra protection, the lightweight dry bags actually work extremely well. (I should know, I have a set of three.)

Price: $10


For the Fashionable Globetrotter

10. Tieks ballet flats

What traveling girl isn’t obsessed with these? I have to admit I’m guilty of buying cheap ballet flats and throwing them out after a year, even though I know shoes should be more of an investment. Not only are Tieks durable, they also fold in half to make space in your luggage. Stylish, practical, economical, and comfortable, everyone I know who has a pair raves about them.

Price: $195 +


11. Chic Passport Cover

Not gonna lie, I basically asked my mom to tell someone to buy me this for Christmas last year. My poor passport has been crumpled, rained on, and the seal on the front has almost completely worn off. Now that I’ve gotten extra pages, my passport is also unbelievably fat. It was time to get a passport cover, and not just any cover: one that’s RFID shield proof and snaps shut.

Now I love walking around with my cute little passport. I also use the mini pocket to store headshot photos for visas, and my residency form in China.

Price: $10.99


The beautiful Ona Camera Purse

12. Stylish Camera Purse

Having an obvious camera bag is one of the best ways to get your camera stolen, and  who wants to carry around a giant ugly bag anyway? If you’re looking for something fashionable and functional, there are plenty of beautiful camera bags that look like purses. The best part? You can take out the padding and use it as a normal bag too!

These camera bags come at all price points, from the glamorous Ona Bags to other more affordable versions like the ZLYC bag I link to below. Shop around on Amazon and see if you can find something your stylish friend will love!

Price: $79

Teva Capri Sandal

13. Cute Travel Sandals

I used to have the Teva Capri Universal Sandal in Toffee and I was OBSESSED. But unfortunately for me, I treated these shoes like they were regular Tevas, using them for hiking and wading through shallow water. They actually held up surprisingly well for a long time, but eventually, I needed to throw them out.

The best thing about these shoes is that they’re extremely sturdy and comfortable but look like regular cute sandals. They go with literally everything and I’m dying to get another pair when I’m home for Christmas.

If you don’t like these, there are many other cute styles to choose from, and they’re all super comfortable!

Price: $56.95



14. Safe and Stylish: Pacsafe Purse

I think we can all agree, pickpockets and bag slashers are the worst, and constantly worrying about your bag detracts from your overall travel experience. Last spring I bought a Pacsafe travel purse and I’ve never looked back. The purse zipper clasps shut, and the bag is made of slash-proof material that keeps thieves out. Now I can wander worry-free and actually enjoy my travels without constantly stressing over keeping a hand on my purse zipper.

Pacsafe also has awesome backpacks and other products for both men and women, so you’re sure to find something any traveler will love.

Price: $64


For the Travel Photographer

gorillapod15. Gorillapod Tripod

I have the basic SLR Gorillapod, but here are plenty of other designs for smartphones and digital cameras too.  This tripod is perfect for travelers because it can grip onto almost any surface. Wrap it around a tree, place it on a pile of wobbly rocks, attach it onto the side of a (small) cliff… Gorillapod can go anywhere.

Unfortunately, I bought the cheaper version without the flexible ball head attachment and I I still regret it! I’ll definitely be picking the attachment up when I’m home this Christmas!

Price: $49


iphone camera lens

16. Smartphone Camera Lens

So many of my friends have these detachable smartphone lenses and I’m dying to test them out. If your friend is an epic smartphone photographer Instagram goddess, she will love you forever if you buy her a set of these!

I personally like this package which contains wide angle, fisheye, and  zoom lenses with little lens caps!

Price: $16.49


Neck strap 1Camera neck strap

17. Cute DSLR Neck Strap

My parents bought me this strap last year and I’m obsessed! I get so many compliments on my fun neck strap, and it’s way more comfortable than the original Nikon strap my camera came with.

Not your friend’s style? Don’t worry, Amazon has a million… literally.

Price: $8.99


For the Girl With Her Head in a Book

kindle paperwhite

18. Kindle Paperwhite

Can you believe I used to travel with the Lonely Planet China book that literally weighs 10lbs?! I switched to a Kindle a few years ago and trust me, I’m never going back. A Kindle is perfect for storing not only novels but also guidebooks too! For an expat like me, the Kindle is great because I have a really difficult time finding good English-language books in China.

Price: $119.99


travel books

19. Awesome Travel Books

For the girl who already has a kindle, why not get her a travel e-book? Right now I’m reading Lauren Juliff’s book How Not to Travel the World, which is the perfect pick for a girl who is just about to embark on her first solo travel adventure. A few other good reads are A Thousand New Beginnings by Kristen Addis, and What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding by Kristen Newman.

For girls embarking on the digital nomad career track, consider supporting them with a business e-book. Personally, I recommend From  Excuses to Excursions: How I Started Traveling the World, Finding Your Freedom Through Location Independence, and The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck.

For travelers heading to China, you can’t go wrong with Lost on Planet China and Kosher Chinese!

Price: $3-$12


For the Short-Term Traveler

20. Scratch off Map

In college, I had a map on a cork board and a tin full of push pins so that I could put a new pin in every place I visited. Now that I live in China and change apartments too much, that’s not really realistic. Save your friend the hassle and get her a cute scratch off wall map so that she can proudly display her adventures to everyone who enters her home!

Price: $25


21. Travel Wall Decal

Seriously, if I didn’t have sparkly rose-gold wallpaper I’d probably buy one of these cute travel decals for my bedroom. Travel decals are the perfect apartment accessory for a traveling girl who’s come home, and there are plenty to choose from on  Amazon, going as low as $9 USD!

Price: $23


22. Turn Her Travels into a Book!

Who wouldn’t love all of their beautiful travel photos to be displayed in a coffee table book? It’s the perfect talking piece for guests and a great way to remember all of the incredible adventures she’s had. Design the book for her, or let her create it herself. Either way, she’ll thank you forever!

Price: $15.99+


The Perfect Stocking Stuffers

TSA locks

23. TSA-Friendly Locks

A few good locks are a necessity when traveling around the world. Keep your checked luggage safe from theft, or avoid wandering hands on a crowded subway train. She can also keep her bags safe if she happens to be traveling in a country where most hostels don’t come with lockers (looking at you Philippines).

Price: $13.95 for two


cord taco

24. Cord Tacos

I don’t know about you, but no matter how hard I try, my cords get so unbelievably tangled when I travel. Grab a pack of rustic cord keepers, and pass them out to all your traveling friends as gifts. I’m even thinking about getting one of these just for my headphones so they don’t get tangled in my purse!

Price: $28 for five


carry on cocktail kit

25. Carry-On Cocktail Kit

Want to treat your traveling girl to a nice cocktail on the plane when she leaves after the holidays? Grab her a Carry On Cocktail Kit and a mini bottle of alcohol. She’ll feel like she’s in first class even if she’s stuck in the middle seat of coach.

Price: $20


travel eye mask

26. A Good Eye Mask

A good eye mask is a necessity when traveling the world. I used to have a really nice one like this that I lost in the Philippines earlier this year. While I found a cheap mask at a convenience store, it’s uncomfortable and lets a lot of light shine in through the gaps between my cheeks and nose. If you want to treat your traveler to a great gift, get her a luxurious eye mask so that she can actually sleep on those planes, trains, and busses (and hostels).

Price: $10


Gifts that Give Back

Diva Cup review27. Diva Cup

Is it weird to give a Diva Cup as a gift? I don’t think so, but then again I don’t find this stuff awkward.

I’m absolutely obsessed with my Diva Cup and I’ve written about it at length multiple times. Avoid the mess and hassle of a period on the road, while also saving money and the environment at the same time. Tripple win!

Price: $24.95


Vibes earbuds

28. Vibes high-fidelity earplugs

Earplugs that will also allow you to listen to music? What traveler wouldn’t want these?! While noise-canceling headphones are great, they’re much too bulky for the average traveler. Vibes earplugs are sleek and will tune out the noise while allowing you to listen to some great music.

The earplugs work by filtering acoustics to lower the decibel levels of any given environment — all without muffling or distorting the sound like traditional foam earplugs. Vibes also has a partnership with the Hear the World Foundation, and proceeds from each pair purchased will help fund hearing aids, surgeries, and programs for the hard of hearing around the world.

Price: $23.99


THINX period panties


29. THINX Period Panties

Yes, more period stuff.

I think you guys all know I’m a little bit obsessed with my period panties. They’re stylish, comfortable and they actually work! Curious about these mysterious period panties? I wrote a huge long post going into all the details

One of the main things I love about THINX is that they give back to women in the developing world. For every pair you buy, THINX will donate one full set of AFRIpads to a woman in need. AFRIpads are washable, reusable pads that women can use to save money and avoid the period shame that keeps young women in many countries home from school.

Price: $24-39

Use my $10 off coupon by clicking the button below!

Get $10 Off!


30. LifeStraw Go water bottles

Traveling around Southeast Asia, I was super jealous of the friends I’d meet with filtered water bottles. I hated constantly having to buy water at 7-11, only to throw the bottles out the next day. With a filtered water bottle you can just drink tap water on the go (or river water) and be perfectly fine! You’ll save money and the environment.

Personally, I’m a fan of LifeStraw because they also give back to the global community. Through the company’s Follow the Liters program, every LifeStraw product sold provides a child in a developing country with access to clean, safe drinking water for an entire school year!

Price: $29.95


Wow, that’s a lot of gifts.

Hopefully, this list gave you a little insight into the wonderful female travelers in your life (either that or you just bought half this stuff for yourself).

What gifts are you obsessed with? Let me know below! 

This post contains some affiliate links. If you purchase a product using my link I will make a small commission at no cost to you. If you want to support me and this site, please consider using the links above! 

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11 comments on “The 30 Best Gifts for Girls Who Travel

  1. Love ALL of these ideas! Who knew us travel girls were actually so easy to buy for?! I enjoyed how you separated out all of your categories too. I’m definitely saving this for future reference!

    • hahaha I get so many compliments on that strap! I completely agree about waiting for Amazon stuff. There are so many things I want from Amazon that I can’t get living in China. At least we have Taobao…

  2. Thank you for compiling this list, it is perfect!! Also, thank you for including reasonably priced items, because I too have student loans to pay off! I can attest to the packing cubes, seriously saved me so much! I have had the eagle creek brand cubes for 10 plus years and their still like new. They make everything so much more organized in my backpacking trips! I’ve never tried the lush shampoo, but want to! Seems perfect for traveling! I learned about so many new items from your list, that I cannot wait to try out!! So awesome! I love your website and love this list! Thanks girl! ;)

    • Thanks so much Heidi! I think the lower priced items are really important because that’s what I would usually get a friend (or myself) and then the higher priced stuff can be for parents or significant others to gift. The Eagle Creek packing cubes are my life (seriously how did I travel without these), and you should definitely try out the shampoo. I’ve had one too many leaks to ever go back to the normal stuff.

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