5 Places in India to Enjoy a Thrilling River Rafting Trip

Sure India is full of ancient temples, bustling markets, incredible food, and giant cities, but wouldn’t it be nice to get off the beaten path and have a break from the city? Well, luckily India also has some incredible river rafting spots so you can have a thrilling outdoor adventure on your big India trip!

This week, India expert Rohit fills us in on the absolute best places to go river rafting in India!

River Rafting India

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The era of adventure sports in India is just beginning. Whether it’s ski fanatics, bungee jumpers, or scuba diving addicts, India is time and again providing excellent locations for adventure junkies to partake in their adrenaline activities. It’s hardly a surprise that India is now a hotspot for the thrilling adventure sport of river rafting.

The countless roaring rivers in India, across the stretch of the sub-continent, provide the most exciting spots to battle against torrents of water. The clean air, rich flora, and lofty hills all combine to produce a memorable river rafting experience for adventure enthusiasts.

Plunge right into the core of this adventure sport at these 5 incredibly electrifying locations to try your hand at river rafting in India.

India river rafting

Photo by Jeevan, CC0 1.0

1. Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

India’s adventure capital – Rishikesh, has the most exhilarating ride in store for you. Head on over to these gurgling torrents of water for the greatest river rafting experience. The high mountains surrounding this river, stretching over a distance of 16 kilometers, make this the most scenic environment to enjoy the thrilling adventure sport.

Rishikesh is the most celebrated spot for rafting in India, witnessing a plethora of enthusiasts, ranging from locals to famous celebrities. Take the most beautiful ride of your life on the pleasant hills of Rishikesh.

Photo by Atarax42, CC BY-SA 3.0

2. Bhagirathi River, Uttarakhand

Plunge into the dizzying whirlpools of Bhagirathi River for a memorable river rafting experience. The “rapids” of the river, namely “Elephant Rock” and “Sharp S” are some of the most interesting turns that you will encounter in the entirety of your journey. Sashaying across the river with the huge paddles in your hands, you would feel happiness like never before.

The best time to visit this adventurous spot is between October and May when the white waters are ready to take on your daring zeal with matching spirit.

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Photo by Davedharmendra, CC BY-SA 4.0

3. Teesta River, Sikkim

The prime river in Darjeeling, Sikkim is a favorite spot to try out this bold adventure sport. Teesta River and its tributary, Rangit, offers an adrenaline-charged course through which you can hone your river rafting skills. This river offers opportunities for paddle rafting in the midst of picturesque mountains that will keep bringing you back to this charming place.

The best time to test these waters is during the winters, between October and April. The small but raging tributary of this river makes for one challenging path even for experienced rafters.

Photo by Tareq Salahuddin, CC BY 2.0

4. Brahmaputra River, North-east

The Brahmaputra, the 10th largest river in the world, will require seven days of committed effort to complete in its entirety. Brahmaputra River, starting in Arunachal Pradesh, will take you along pristine hills, colorful tribal settlements, and densely forested areas, leaving you in complete awe of the beauty of north-east India.

The best time to undertake this journey would be in the months from November through March. The magical yet roaring waters of Brahmaputra, combined with the hilly scenery they offer, make for the most flawless location to experience river rafting in India.

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Photo by CA ANAND V KAKU, CC BY-SA 4.0

5. Indus River, Ladakh

Set your calendar aside for the months of June through August for the best time of your adventurous lives. Indus River, also called Sindhu River, offers the greatest river rafting experience in Ladakh, along with some breathtaking sights. Surrounded by snow-capped mountains, the sheer grandeur of the hills will match the daunting rafting experience that lies ahead of you.

Enjoy the high-water levels of Indus River, ideal for river rafting, in the serene setting of hilltop monasteries and temperate vegetation. Experience joy and carefreeness as you ride alongside ferocious currents, with the water splashing all around you in a big swirl of happiness.

Start Your River Rafting Adventure in India!

Carve a niche for yourself in the world of adventure sports by river rafting at the very best of places. These top 5 locations will leave you spellbound from the thrill of chasing currents and the beauty of charming terrains.

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Did we forget any incredible Indian river rafting spots? Have you tried river rafting in any of these places? Leave us a comment below!



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