My Obsession with Chinese Babies

So I’ve talked about it a few times, but I have a very creepy and unhealthy obsession with Chinese babies and small children. I’ve been trying to figure out why I love Chinese babies so much and I came up with a few reasons:

#1: They have really big heads and fat cheeks

#2: They’re all dressed in ridiculous outfits

#3: They’re EVERYWHERE

Let’s talk about #1. Chinese babies have ridiculously large round heads and huge cheeks. It’s not that I like fat babies, I just like babies with large heads and fat faces. #2- Chinese babies do not wear normal clothing. They wear hoods with ears, ridiculous colors and patters and puffy onesies with fur lined hoods. Sometimes they wear split pants, which, like they sound, are pants with a big slit down the middle. These can either be worn with or without a diaper for easy access to pee or poop in the street. I have only seen babies poop in the street twice, but I have seen a lot of little butts in split pants.

One thing I was very confused about when I first arrived in China is why these babies and little kids are EVERYWHERE. You’d think that with the one child policy there would be less babies but they are literally everywhere, including my college campus. After much deliberation, I have decided that the culture of China in regards to children is very different. In America, it is considered annoying or rude to take your babies with you everywhere: to restaurants, malls etc etc and when babies are taken out most of them are in strollers. In China it is the exact opposite. Parents take their babies with them everywhere, except maybe not bars. Oftentimes it’s not the parents taking out the kids, it’s the retired grandparents. Instead of taking a child to daycare, the grandparents will show off their ridiculously cute grand babies around town. This is especially popular in parks and places like Tian Tan (Temple of Heaven), but even on my college campus there are a ton of babies. Also, most of these babies are not in strollers. Parents and grandparents literally carry these kids around in their arms, or let them run around if their old enough.

Hence my creepy obsession is born! I decided now might be a good time to share my baby stalker photos with you all since I took SOO many at Tian Tan. It all started with the cute Korean girl with the scarf wrapped around her face and it evolved from there! Please enjoy my stalker photos and I promise more are on the way!



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  1. You don’t have to steal one…When we were in China, our driver “found a baby needing a family” for us. Boy, did we have a communication problem getting out of that one. Our daughter, Kim, came from Korea and looking at your photos took me back to when she was little. Thanks for the memories.

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