That one time my computer broke in China: A Tragedy

Sorry I’ve been a little out of commission. My computer hard drive decided that last week would be a good time to completely die so I spent basically all of last week trying to get my computer fixed. After spending roughly $63 and 30 hours total in the last week (you think I’m over-exaggerating but the sad thing is that I am definitely, definitely not- probably under-exaggering), my computer is FINALLY FIXED. Although, I don’t have microsoft word and I have to upload these photos one at a time and it takes 5-10 minutes PER PHOTO on this blog. So you better enjoy my blood, sweat and tears because I refuse to let this blog die. Moral of the story, don’t ever, ever, ever, ever let your computer die in China.

-Also, don’t ever BUY a mac in China. It’s roughly $300 more expensive and the warranty only works in China so you have to send your computer back to China if you have a problem. In addition, you can’t ship macs to China- or ipads or iphones.

On the bright side, I still have all of my pictures and documents (even if I don’t have microsoft word to open them) and I can use this half-dead computer until I get home!



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