Tinggly: Give the Gift of Experiences This Christmas

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Travelers can be some of the most difficult people to shop for. How do you buy a gift for someone who values experiences over “things”? How do you shop for someone who lives out of a backpack, or whose always saving up for the next plane ticket?

Sure, there’s plenty of travel gear you could buy, but what if you want to get someone an incredible gift they can cherish forever? What if you want to give a gift to a traveler who can’t make it home for Christmas?

That’s where Tinggly comes in.


Give your traveler something to open on Christmas!

What’s Tinggly?

If you’ve read a fair share of my posts, you’ll know I’m obsessed with Tinggly, a website where you can give the gift of experiences.

I’ll be the first to admit, giving an experience gift to someone can be a huge hassle. Many experience booking sites make you schedule a specific date in advance, which can be really tough if you don’t know the area or the recipient’s schedule.

But when you give the gift of experiences with Tinggly, your loved one has up to 2 years to choose their own experience. They even receive a beautiful gift box to open under the tree… or wherever they happen to be in the world.

See Their Experiences!


Your gift certificate is inside!

How Does Tinggly Work?

With more than 500+ experiences scattered across 100+ countries, your loved one will have too many choices when it comes to redeeming their experience gift. They can go camping in Jordan’s desert, extreme whitewater rafting in Nepal, or try a homestay cooking experience in Gambia. Seriously, there are so many incredible experiences to choose from, it’s almost impossible to make a choice.

All you have to do is choose which gift box you’d like to buy, from the budget-friendly Essential Gift Box to the more elaborate Dream Wedding or Ultimate Collection. If you want a great selection of experiences at a good price, I suggest going for their holiday Merry Christmas gift box!

Just keep in mind, there are plenty of gifts at each price point, and many of the experience gifts are good for two people, so you and your loved one can have that incredible experience together!

Check Tinggly's Prices!

hot air balloon ride

Getting ready for my hot air balloon ride!

Why Tinggly is So Awesome

After using Tinggly to try a hot air balloon ride over Napa Valley and scuba diving with thresher sharks in the Philippines, I only have good things to say.

Tinggly will help you avoid all of the hassles when it comes to booking an experience gift, meaning you can gift an incredible adventure without worrying about planning schedules and details. Besides, their experiences are incredible, and you have so many to choose from!

Here’s how Tinggly can help you make your gift awesome:

Scuba Diving Malapascau

I chose… scuba diving with sharks

1. Your Loved one Gets to Choose Their Own Experience

Not sure if mom wants a gourmet cooking class or an Argentine tango class? No worries, the choice is hers! With Tinggly, the recipient gets to choose from 500+ experiences in 100+ countries, so you can be sure they’ll LOVE their gift.

2. No Schedule Worries

One time I tried to purchase a cooking class for my long-distance boyfriend as a surprise for his birthday. The plan was to do the class together when I visited. But finding an appropriate time without tipping him off was almost impossible. That, and I had to book the cooking class far in advance without any idea if it was even feasible to get there from his house.

After a while, I gave up and bought him a different gift instead. With Tinggly, my boyfriend could’ve had something to open on his birthday, while also letting him pick a date and activity that worked for him. No more secretly probing for schedules!

China too long

Does your daughter live abroad or travel full-time like me?

3. You Don’t Have to be in the Same Place

Many travelers and expats abroad can’t make it home for Christmas every year. If you want to actually let your loved one have something fun to open, you can have a Tinggly box shipped anywhere in the world!

Letting your traveler have an amazing experience on the road is so much more rewarding than dropping a few dollars into their account, or giving them an Amazon gift card.

4. Multiple Price Points

With hundreds of gifts at every price point, you don’t have to shell out a ton of money to get a great gift. The $79 USD Essential Collection has 300+ experiences in 80+ countries, ranging from a desert safari and BBQ in Dubai to a vodka tasting and Polish cooking class in Warsaw.

However, if you want to book a luxury experience or a romantic activity for two, there are plenty of collections to choose from that will allow both of you to go. For example, the Dream Wedding and Time Together gift boxes have a plethora of romantic experiences like a full day of relaxation at a Balinese spa for two or a two-person VIP helicopter ride on the Vegas Strip.

Whatever your budget, you can pick a themed gift box at the right price for you.

napa hot air balloon

Up above Napa Valley with Tinggly!

5. Awesome Variety

The great thing about Tinggly is that their gifts really are scattered all over the world. When browsing a collection, you can easily check Tinggly’s map to see if there are any experiences where your loved one is living or traveling.

Heading to Vietnam? Try a 3-day motorbike experience or a relaxing thermal mud spa day. What about Japan? Choose from a secret sake brewery tour, a romantic hot spring onsen experience, or a traditional kimono tea ceremony for two.

You can even find plenty of Tinggly experiences in your own backyard. There are tons of activities to choose from all across the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and more.

Browse Experiences!


and she’ll still have something to unwrap!

Why I Love Experience Gifts

Sure, I love buying things. I can’t tell you how good it feels to buy a new pair of earrings or some shiny new travel gear. But will I remember those items forever? Probably not.

When you give the gift of experiences, you create memories that will last a lifetime. Both you and your partner or friend can have a wonderful day together, and build incredible memories in the process. While “things” are awesome, they definitely don’t compare to a fantastic hot air balloon ride together.

With Tinggly, you can surprise your traveler with an incredible gift of memories that will last a lifetime. If that’s not the perfect Christmas gift, I don’t know what is.

Don’t forget to grab your Tinggly box before the holidays! 


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Thanks to Tinggly for helping bring you this post. I’m a huge fan of Tinggly and an affiliate, so if you’re interested in purchasing Tinggly for the holidays, I’d appreciate it if you used one of my button links above! 



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    • hahaha how many passport covers have you received? Mine was candles. Seriously, I said I wanted candles and EVERYONE got them for me. I couldn’t even take them all back to China because they were too heavy.

  1. Finally! Someone talking about Tinggly! I bought this for my mom for Christmas, but what had me worried was the legitimacy of the company -and- the gift. After receiving a follow up email from them, and reading your posts about them, my nerves (and my pocket) are at ease. :)

    • Definitely, don’t worry about Tinggly! I’ve done two experience with them and they’re great. I had absolutely no issues with the dive company and hot air balloon company when I showed up, and I was given everything that Tinggly promised on their site. I hope your mom enjoys her gift! Let me know how it goes :D

    • You should definitely look into it! I just got my parents a gift from there for Christmas and they’re really excited. There are so many different adventures to choose from

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