A Visit to Nanjing

As all of you know, I listed Nanjing as my first choice for next year. Today I found a post on Ameson Year in China’s blog (apparently they have a blog?) about Nanjing! One of the employees at AYC took a trip to Nanjing while studying abroad and wrote a post about the city! Feel free to read more about Nanjing, and check out her photos of all the fun things to do, see and eat (yum): AYC Nanjing Blog Post

Traveling around China, I’ve jokingly compared Beijing to LA, Shanghai to New York, Hong Kong to Miami and Xi’an to Boston or Philadelphia, but in this article she compares Nanjing to Washington DC! I found this pretty funny since I’ve lived in DC the last four years while I’ve attended the George Washington University. Now if only I could find a Chinese Seattle… but maybe without all the rain.



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  1. Whoa, not to be a creep but I wrote the Nanjing article and I was just randomly googling stuff about AYC for work and your blog came up! Thanks for the shout out hahah :) I also went to AU (just graduated) so woo D.C.!

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