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Do you want to teach abroad in China? Are you already a China expat? Join the China Teach Abroad Community! #China #teachabroad #expat #esl

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When I first taught in China I made a TON of mistakes. I thought I was signing up to teach with an incredible program, when in reality I ended up underpaid in the middle of NOWHERE where I was the only foreigner for miles, working for a school that wasn’t even legally allowed to hire me!

How did this happen? I had studied abroad in China for 7 months, was fluent in Chinese, and even traveled to far-reaching places like Tibet and Xinjiang!

I made SO MANY mistakes my first year, it’s almost embarrassing. But thankfully, I decided to turn my struggles into lessons for all of you!

Free Guide: 10 Steps to Landing a High Paying Job in China

teach English China

My first year teaching abroad!

My New Facebook Community!

I’ve made it my mission to give you all the help and advice I wish I had when I first moved to China. Whether it’s how to find a job, or how to get your TEFL online, or even what to eat.

Based on your questions and concerns, I’ve created some pretty awesome stuff. I made a 6,000-word Ultimate China Survival Guide, Free 5-Lesson Teach Abroad Mini-Course, and even a China Jobs Board full of reputable scam-free jobs in China!

Well, today I’m adding one more thing to the list…

Ameson Year in China

Working hard in China!

Join My Free Facebook Group!

That’s right, I’ve created a free Facebook Group called the China Teach Abroad Community!

This group is for you if…

  • You’re pretty sure you want to teach abroad in China someday
  • You’re in the process of getting your TEFL, visa or applying for jobs
  • You’re already a teacher in China!
  • You used to be a teacher in China and you want to stay connected to the community.

This isn’t just for ESL teachers either. We totally welcome people with unique teach abroad jobs too! Whether you’re a college counselor, debate coach, SAT tutor, or work at an international school, you’re more than welcome to join!

Join the Community!


Plan Great Wall trips together!

What’s This Group About?

One of the (only) things I liked about my old teach abroad program was the Facebook community. We had a giant Facebook group where we could all get to know each other before we even arrived in China.

Since I don’t necessarily recommend this program, I wanted to create a resource you could all join for FREE without having to be in a crappy program.

This group is about sharing advice, swapping stories, helping one another, and having an awesome time. This group is for creating connections and forming a community. This group is about helping one another succeed in China!

teach English in China

Eating dumplings with a fellow AYCer

This Group is NOT a Spammy Job Board

Every single group I join in China always descends into chaos.

ESL schools spamming their job openings with blatantly sexist and racist requirements. Bars posting new deals every single night. Bloggers spamming their latest diary blog post. People shoving their IG handles in your face.


The China Teach Abroad Community will have none of this.

No spammy job listings. No bars/restaurant deals. No inundation of blog posts and social media handles (except on Celebration Saturday).

Just, pure, awesome conversation and community. Want to know more? Feel free to check out my group rules!

Boundary Island

Come Join!

How Do I Join?

Awesome question! If you’re interested in joining, just click over to the China Teach Abroad Community Facebook Group!

You’ll be asked a series of 3 quick questions which you’ll need to answer before you can be admitted. (Seriously, if you don’t at least acknowledge the questions, I can’t let you in).

Once you’re in, feel free to get involved, start posting your #Questions and enjoy!

Join the Community!

Beijing hutongs

Are you an expat?

My Goal For the China Teach Abroad Community

I really sincerely hope that the China Teach Abroad Community can grow into something special, where people can feel comfortable to ask questions, give advice, plan meetups, and grow as teachers.

It’s my absolute goal that I will do everything possible to keep it tight-knit and free from spam, racist rants, and all the other things that plague most Facebook groups.

I just really wanted to re-create the Facebook community I loved, and give all of you the help and advice you need to start your teach abroad adventure!

Chinese jumping photo

See you there!

Now Let’s Hear From You!

Do you like the Facebook group idea? Have any questions about how the group works or whether it’s a good fit for you? Just leave me a comment below!

I’m always checking back for new comments, so if you get in touch with me in one of the two fields below, I’ll be sure to get back to you ASAP!

Do you dream of teaching in China? Are you already a China expat? This China Teach Abroad Community is perfect for you! #china #teachabroad #facebook #esl

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