My Photos Were Nominated For A Photo Contest!

Hi Everyone,

Three of my photos have been nominated for a photo contest with my study abroad company. It would mean the world to me if any of you that see this before Friday 3/8/2013 could vote for one of my photos in the photo contest. All of the votes are through facebook and all you have to do is write a comment on the photo! 1 comment= 1vote (“likes” don’t count). Please share this with any family and friends and help me win an Ipad so I can write blog posts on the go when I move back to China next year!!

Please vote for this photo!!

Here are my three photos that were nominated:

Katora and the dancer“Chatting with a Yunnan Dancer”- Lijiang, Yunnan

nate in chongqing“Gazing out Over the Yangtzee”- Chongqing

“A Line of Yurts in the Heavenly Mountains” -Urumqi, Xinjiang

Thanks for all of your support!



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