Every New Turn is a New Adventure

“I delight in the challenges that a country like China poses to westerners. Sure, I occasionally catch myself pounding the wall in frustration, but the thing about the PRC is that every turn is a new adventure. For me there’s nothing worse than being bored, and boredom is just not possible in China. See these lines on my face? They weren’t there before.” –Tom Carter, Photojournalist

The quote above perfectly encapsulates why I want to go back to China next year- life is different, challenging and exciting! Tom Carter began his experience in China teaching English, and eventually transformed himself into a renowned photojournalist, capturing moving images of people in Chinese society.

You can view the link to his interview here and a webpage of his photos here. (Thanks to my mom for finding this)

His career path just goes to show that you never know where life will take you. For me, the prospect of heading back to China at 22 years-old with a clean slate and a loose life plan is exciting, encouraging and inspiring. Who knows? Maybe I’ll become a photojournalist too! What is life without the crazy experiences that can only come from traveling the world? While I’m not old enough to measure my life experience in wrinkles, I’ll try to measure it the best way I know how: in stories and snapshots of memories.



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