So Apparently I’m Fat.

With a week left in China, there’s so many loose ends I have to catch up on! -Not including two finals and a giant paper. I decided I’ll publish all of my Xinjiang posts when I actually have time to truly edit my hasty diary-writing from the trip- aka when I go home in FOUR DAYS. What?!!!! So before I go home, there’s a bunch of things I still need to do: get my shoes fixed for less than a dollar, buy a suitcase, go to a CAT CAFE, last minute gift shopping, and get a custom made dress done with some Uigher-print fabric I bought in Xinjiang.

Margo’s roommate Cheng told me her aunt knew of a place right off campus that could make me a dress, so she decided to take me there. When we arrived I showed the fabric to the man, and he barely even looked at it before screaming in Chinese that it wasn’t enough fabric. What do you mean it’s not enough fabric?? Worst case scenario you can just take some from the bottom and have two seams running down the back or something. When Cheng tried to explain this to him, he told her that maybe if I was skinny like her, he could make it for me, but since I’m fat, he couldn’t do it.

After that comment, let me tell you, he knew exactly why I was taking my bussiness elsewhere. Maybe now he’ll learn that yes, some white people speak Chinese.

Thankfully, we were able to find a place that was more than happy to make me a dress, so I’ll now have a custom made dress that I designed. Project Runway here I come?

Uigher fabric. Guess which pattern I chose!!!



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